Make Your Oscar Picks for the Chance to Win an iPad

*Photo Courtesy of Vanity Fair

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Los Angeles, you ready for the biggest night of the year? While Hollywood’s latest and greatest actors bring home 24-karat laurels on Sunday, February 9, we figured us common folk deserve a chance at striking gold, too. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate Oscars survey, so all you have to do is make your most educated guesses and, if the universe works in your favor, you’ll walk away with a brand new iPad. Yup, you heard us. Submit your answers by Sunday at 3pm (only one submission per person!) and you’ll be one step closer to stardom—in our eyes, at least—but hey, not all of us can make it in Tinseltown.


SBP FUN FACT: One of the two years that Morty worked on the Academy Awards, he produced the Red Carpet show for ABC and complained to the scenic designer that the huge Oscar statues on the red carpet looked too flat. They were all repainted, and that paint is still used today. In fact, the color of the Oscar statue has been called “Morty Gold” ever since.

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