10 Architects You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now

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Whether renovating your current abode or building from the ground up, Instagram is an eternal resource for design inspo in the modern world. And because we’re consistently coming face to face with epic homes in Los Angeles, we’d like to think SBP has a particular eye for architectural ingenuity on the ‘gram. Below, we’ve compiled 10 killer architects that are worth following to stoke your creative fire.

1. MAD Architects (@madarchitects)

A world-renowned firm based in Beijing, MAD Architects is committed to developing innovative designs that coalesce with the natural world—which, of course, makes their Instagram feed a true feast for the eyes. Drive down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills and you’ll even see one of the firm’s most transformative projects, a residential enclave called Gardenhouse.

2. OFIS (@ofis_architects)

Who isn’t intrigued by sleek, modern structures uniquely positioned in nature? Ofis Architects, a firm based in Slovenia, is creating some of the most architecturally stunning, organic forms in otherworldly locales—like, say, teetering off a cliff in the Alps. Don’t blame us if you end up scrolling for hours.

3. Pitsou Kedem (@pitsou_kedem_architect)

We’re all for photos that soothe the mind, body and soul. Which is exactly where Pitsou Kedem‘s Instagram comes in. The Tel Aviv-based architect creates dream-worthy projects that are full of natural light, airy spaces and neutral materials that immediately put you at ease.

4. Herzog & de Meuron (@herzogdemeuron)

If you’re not acquainted with Swiss architecture yet, now’s the time to follow Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron on the ‘gram. Their designs are simultaneously grandiose and minimal, full of natural light and constructed with eco-friendly materials. They are the future, folks.

5. Tag Front (@tagfront)

LA-based architecture firm Tag Front features an Instagram portfolio that’s as close as it gets to eye candy. Their organic, modernist aesthetic is brought to life through textural and sculptural details that have us wanting more and more…and more.

6. Design, Bitches (@design_bitches)

You know we’re all about irreverence on the SBP team. Design, Bitches—a multidisciplinary firm based out of LA—has a bold vision that draws inspiration from the founders’ eclectic expertise in design, art and pop culture. Their insta feed is a true millennial daydream.

7. Luciano Kruk (@lucianokruk.arquitectos)

Architect Luciano Kruk isn’t playing around on the ‘gram. His housing projects are industrial yet natural, refined yet warm, airy yet heavy on concrete and glass. Just a few posts in and you’ll be wondering how the Bueno Aires native does it.

8. Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter (@reiulframstadarkitekter)

We’re pretty sure everyone on the internet is a huge fan of Scandinavian design these days. So if you’re trying to enter the Nordic architecture realm on Instagram, look no further than Reiulf Ramstad. His work is straight from our best Pinterest boards.

9. EYRC Architects (@eyrcarchitects)

EYRC Architects is the visionary behind some of Southern California’s greatest architectural feats, and their Instagram is here to prove it. Featuring both residential and commercial projects, EYRC’s feed is fresh, contemporary and oh so pleasing on the eye.

10. Miguel Aragonés (@miguel_angel_aragones)

Sometimes we want content that’s a little over the top, other times we want imagery that’ll relax our minds. Miguel Angel Aragonés is the only one on the ‘gram who’s accomplishing both. The mastermind behind our go-to hotel in Cabo, The Viceroy, Miguel is an expert at merging the natural world and avant-garde art.

But, of course, we can’t mention these modern legends without calling out their predecessors. Just a few notable favorites include Paul Williams, A. Quincy Jones, John Lautner and Craig Ellwood, all who paved the way for today’s generation of architects. Are there any other visionaries that you think we should know about? Shoot us an email and we’ll be sure to highlight them on our Instagram stories.

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