10 Pre-Made Cocktails to Up the Ante on Labor Day Weekend

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Ready-to-drink cocktails have become all the rage in recent months, which we’re totally here for considering many of our favorite bars are still closed in Los Angeles. That’s why this Labor Day weekend, the SBP team is upping the ante on the typical outdoor BBQ beverages with these not-to-be-missed, pre-made libations. No more mixing or measuring — simply crack or pop a cold one and you’re ready to go.

Skinny Girl Margarita

F. Ron Smith: I’ll have you know that Skinny Girl Margaritas are not just for women!
Sewit Eshetu: I prefer chilled Sauvignon Blanc — however, if I must pick a pre-made cocktail, I usually go for a Skinny Girl Margarita. It’s pretty damn good! 

Cutwater Spirits

David Berg: If I don’t have time to mix up my own margarita, I’ll grab a Cutwater Spirits Tequila Lime Margarita. Salt the rim of a glass, pour it over ice and it’s just like the real thing.

Southern Tier

Robert Morton: The Bourbon Smash from Southern Tier is a must-try. It’s the perfect balance of lemon, ginger and mint with the delicious edge of bourbon — in a can, no less.


Trevor Edmond: The fridge at our office is stocked with BTL SVC Old Fashioneds, and I must say — I think it rivals the real thing. Nothing better than capping a day of work with one of these.

Links Drinks

Nathan Stadler: The Links Drinks Transfusion cocktail is so refreshing and great on the go! This is my favorite drink to have on the golf course.

Tip Top

Rick Torres: Negronis aren’t always easy to make, but the one from Tip Top always does the trick for when you’re in a rush. Plus, the company has some classy branding.


Hannah Pilkington: They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but I am a sucker for great packaging and bold flavors. Luckily Boochcraft’s Orange Pomegranate flavor has both!
Katy Yambao: Definitely skeptical but I do love an ice-cold Watermelon Chili Boochcraft. My brother got me on the Boochcraft train. I like it because I tell myself it’s healthy, it’s boozy (7%) and it’s delicious. Great for a hot day by the pool — can be enjoyed on its own or as a mixer with vodka or tequila if you want to get crazy!


Brandon Smith: This bottled cocktail from Haus is the only one I’ve tried and it might even be the last. It’s just that good (and their branding is all time).

Local Roots Kombucha

Krista Masella: My favorite grab-and-go cocktail is the Local Roots Hard Kombucha Cali Mule. I love the limited ingredients and low sugar, plus the lime and ginger flavor is the perfect complement to laying poolside. 

Salt Point

Courtney Welsh: The Salt Point Greyhound in a can is my go-to. It’s refreshing, tastes like the real thing and is a simple cocktail for a busy mom who sometimes wants something fancier than a beer!

What are your favorite pre-made cocktails? Tag us on Instagram this weekend at @smithandberg for the chance to be featured!

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