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We’re pretty versatile guys. Avant-garde real estate ninjas, if you will. Not only do we have an esteemed knack for selling homes, but we also boast a whole lot of side interests and hobbies that afford us personalized, unique connections with each and every client. Whether we’re talking real estate, travel, interior design, tacos or tequila, you can rest assured that each conversation will be carried with total zeal.
Yet, credit is due where credit is deserved and we’ll admit that we garner a great deal of inspo from the Interwebs (who doesn’t?). We’re pretty hip guys (despite the aforementioned use of “Interwebs”) so we obviously peruse Instagram to keep up with the cool kids and their trends. As such, we’ve cataloged our favorite accounts that deal out stellar photos and creativity on the daily. If you’re looking for decorative ideas or the best cup of joe in town, look no further. Smith & Berg has covered all the blogger bases.


Shameless self-promotion. If you don’t follow us already, hop on it. Real estate photos on the real, mixed with Smith & Berg’s lively personality (if we may say so ourselves…)


Two dudes with a killer eye for interior design who post images of thoughtful, contemporary furnishings that you can purchase on their site, too.


A New York-based photographer who seems to just travel the world and snap inspiring photos along the way. Caution: you’ll want to quit your job.


If you‘re looking to deck your halls with unique contemporary artwork, this Instagram feed has it all. And, if you have your eye on a painting they ‘grammed, just head to their website to make it a done deal.


From crazy aerial photos of the city to unabashed portraits of those he encounters within the streets, this LA-based photographer unveils the intricacies and vibrancies of your hometown that you didn’t even know existed.


This one absolutely goes without saying. Condé Nast Traveler curates the most jaw-dropping photos from globetrotters who explore the ins and outs of every country imaginable. You’re sure to gain some pretty sweet travel inspiration.


This one is uber tasty. The Bon Appetit mag staff puts up drool-worthy photos with super clever captions. Don’t shy away from their Insta stories, either; rad foodie events on a casual Monday night, anyone?


This one is for all you architecture lovers out there. Pritzker Prize winners Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron create breathtaking blueprints and curate a wildly pleasing Instagram feed. Apparently they can do it all.


Alfred is probably one of the trendiest coffee shops in town (with a whopping 100k following) by virtue of their “But First, Coffee” tagline and killer brew. Give them a follow and you’re sure to spot one of your favorite celebs sipping the same cup o’ joe.


If you’re a dreamer, this Instagram page takes the cake with its incredible architecturals and interiors photographed around the world.


Yet another talented young soul whose colorful ‘grams expose the beautiful depths of Los Angeles. Prepare to fall in love with this city all over again.


If palatial interiors are your style, then tune into Ryan Korban’s feed. Whether he’s showcasing literal castles (because who doesn’t?) or photographing elegantly modern rooms, Korban is the luxury king.


Shout out to our friends at Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood. Delish artisanal coffee and pastries intermixed with adorable pics of local pups. You’ll want to follow suit and be best buds with the baristas, too.


An Instagram feed that celebrates beautiful destinations, people and activities around the world? Sign us up. These pics are surreal beyond belief.


If there’s a birthday, anniversary or engagement just around the corner, follow our pal Nancy Newberg for sparkling ideas and dazzling images — literally.

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