3 Life Lessons From Legendary Sportscaster Vin Scully

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Vin Scully will be forever remembered as the greatest voice in the history of baseball, and perhaps in all of sports. While his depth of baseball knowledge and seamless delivery in the booth was unrivaled, it was Scully’s integrity, grace and wit that won the hearts of baseball fans across the nation, for generations. Through his unwavering example, Scully taught us invaluable life lessons that went beyond the ballpark. To celebrate his legendary life and career, revisit three of Scully’s teachings that we, on the SBP team, will keep with us forever.
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1. Stay Humble

Perhaps more than anything else, fans remember Vin Scully’s humility. Scully knew when to listen and when to speak. He treated others with respect. No matter how famous he became, his dedication to being his best – showing up early, working hard, being kind – never wavered. In a past interview, Scully quoted actor Lawrence Olivier when asked the secret to his success: “Have the humility to prepare and the confidence to pull it off.”
He was a class act in every regard, until his last day. There is no other person in my mind that was a finer example of the best of Los Angeles. – Trevor Edmond
Growing up going to Dodgers games, Vin Scully was the official voice and soul of the team. He gave a few shoutouts to my family over the years – memories I will cherish forever! – Andres Vargas
You can make an argument that Vin Scully is the most important person in the history of Los Angeles sports. His voice was the backdrop of so many incredible moments — Kirk Gibson’s home run, the arrival of Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax’s final no-hitter. He was beloved as a broadcaster and a gentleman. – Nate Stadler

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2. Do Your Homework

Speaking of preparation, that was something Scully mastered – all the way up until his final 67th season. The importance of “doing your homework” was learned from mentor, Red Barber. In an interview with the Hall of Fame, Scully noted, “It wasn’t so much that he taught me how to broadcast. It was an attitude. Get to the park early. Do your homework. Be prepared. Be accurate.”
I only have the fondest memories of him calling each game. He spent 67 seasons doing what he loves and being the best at it – well into his 80s. I have so much respect for this man.  – Trevor Edmond
 As a former New Yorker, I was never caught rooting for the Dodgers – but Vin Scully was an icon. – Robert Morton

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3. Be Yourself

Joe Davis, the sportscaster who inherited Vin Scully’s role, revealed that the advice Vin Scully once shared with him was the same advice Red Barber shared with Scully back in 1950: Be yourself. In a city of media personalities, Vin Scully never failed to show up as Vin Scully. He was the voice of summer, the voice of the Dodgers and, most memorably, the voice of a friend.
In a swiftly changing tide of players, coaches, executives, and owners, Vin Scully was the constant heartbeat of the Dodgers. He is a LA icon and legend.  – Andres Vargas
Growing up as a Dodgers fan, with my parents having season tickets, Vin Scully was a staple of my childhood. I only have the fondest memories of him calling each game. – Trevor Edmond


SBP’s Fondest Dodgers Memories

F. Ron Smith
Tracy and I purchased a priceless Dodger package at a charity event and could think of no one better to join us than superfan Nathan Stadler and his wife Lauren. We attended a pre-game practice, a great walk on the field and even met a few players before enjoying the game in the Dugout. It was a truly epic adventure but my favorite part may have been the endless Dodger Dogs and ice cold beer.
Nate Stadler
Last season, after 36 years of attending games with my dad at the same seats, we finally caught a foul ball!
Garrett Sanders
My favorite Dodgers memory was the first Dodger’s Pride Night. Dodgers baseball represents the best of LA and this night was no exception! Vin Scully at the mic, everyone celebrating a Dodgers win, followed by fireworks on the field– there’s nothing like it!
Robert Morton
My favorite memory is taking my daughters, Billie and Emmy, to their first Dodgers game. Both were in awe of the stadium and the spread of food at the Dugout Club.

Vin Scully’s impact on the game – and Los Angeles –  is immeasurable. Our community continues to pay tribute to the legend, from laying down candles, flowers and memorabilia at Dodger Stadium to keeping his life lessons alive for generations to come. Have a favorite Vin Scully story? Be sure to tag us in your Dodgers memories on Instagram @smithandberg.

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