4 Ways to Have the Least Laborious Labor Day

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We all deserve a break. Especially after a long, beautiful summer in Los Angeles, right? Perhaps Labor Day is more relevant to those saying farewell to the dog days and hello to autumn, but we’re not questioning it. While Angelenos revel in warm weather year round, we’ll take a three day weekend no matter the season — particularly when it’s intended to honor the contributions that workers have made to the strength and well-being of our country. We can all cheers to that.
L.A. consistently pulls out all the stops with lively festivities in every nook and cranny of the city come September 4th. But, let’s get something straight: your Labor Day should be entirely unlaborious. Take some time to celebrate you — the stellar hard worker that you are — and put as little effort as possible into your Labor Day shenanigans. We’ve done the work for you and curated a list of events and things to do to have the most epicly effortless weekend. Just make sure your day off from work works for you.

LA County Fair

While getting to the LA County Fair in Pomona may require you to physically drive a car (unless you hop on the metrolink’s Riverside line), we promise that — once you’re there — your experience will be breezy and booming with killer tunes, food and performances. Revive your childlike wonder on one of the many roller coasters, let loose as Boyz II Men and Babyface jam out, take a trip down the Alice in Wonderland exhibit, gawk at modern acrobats and, lest we not forget, indulge in some “french toast bacon bombs” and “truffle gouda bacon fries.” You’ll feel like a kid playing hooky from school. Who doesn’t want that? And all sorts of bacon? We’re in.
The LA County Fair runs from September 1st to the 24th and is open on Labor Day from 10am to 10pm. Snag your tickets here.

Fiesta Hermosa

There’s no better way to celebrate the official “end” of summer (which, for Angelenos, is actually endless — but, again, we won’t question it) than on the beach. Yet, you’ve probably realized that your highly anticipated beach day isn’t always so relaxing when you’re boxed in along the shores of Santa Monica or Venice. If you’re looking for something a little more tranquilo, Hermosa Beach is calling your name. Fiesta Hermosa, the proclaimed largest arts and crafts fair in SoCal, is teeming with the work of local artisans, food from over 270 vendors, as well as a petting zoo for the kiddos and 70’s rock performances for you. Yes, we realize this may not be your definition of “tranquilo,” but once you’ve had a feast for your eyes and bellies, the expansive and uncrowded beach of Hermosa awaits you. This is a total win-win: awesome arts & eats beside the placidity of the Pacific.
Fiesta Hermosa runs from September 2nd to the 4th on Pier Plaza and is open from 10am to 6pm.

The Taste

Some people eat to live while others live to eat. If you’re with us on the latter, you understand that culinary indulgence is undoubtedly one of the greatest diversions from work. We’re not talking anything doordashed to your desk, here. We’re referring to that decadent meal you’ve planned to devour on your day off. This Labor Day is a celebration of you, so you better believe that treating yourself to a five-star dining experience is a must. Sponsored by the L.A. Times and Food & Wine, “The Taste” at Paramount Pictures Studios is essentially a three-day party with unbelievable food, wine and specialty cocktails from L.A.’s most renowned chefs and restaurants. This Labor Day food-for-all has redefined our “live to eat” motto into a “live to eat for The Taste” mantra.
The Taste runs from September 1st to the 3rd. Grab your ticket to whichever event you want to dig into here.

Chill & Grill

When leaving your abode feels a little too effortful on a day in which labor is essentially reprimanded, just stay put. Allow your family and friends to flock to you. While reclining on the couch may seem ideal, there’s no greater way to pay tribute to a sweet summer than with an outdoor barbecue. Don’t fret — we’re going to try to make this as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible. Follow the below steps to host a totally chilled out summer soiree:
  1. Place your longest on the patio or lawn, covered in any tablecloth, light blanket or extra fabric you found laying around.
  2. Keep the setting simple with a few candles and flowers. Single stem vases make for a chic minimalist vibe (and require, quite literally, one flower).
  3. Brighten up and weave globe string lights throughout your pergola or backyard fence.
  4. Grill up some basic burgers and dogs and have your guests bring side dishes. Gain some foodie inspo here.
  5. Take the edge off and whip up an easy and delish summer drink.
  6. Designate one end of the table to plates, silverware, linen napkins and mason jars (or anything, really — but we’re biased). Buffet-style for the win.
  7. Master the music. Find a groovy Pandora or Spotify station and play away. Check out what we’re jamming to here.
  8. This last step requires nothing. We’re asking you to chill out, enjoy the company of loved ones and delight in the fact that you only have a four-day work week ahead.

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