5 Major Developments Destined to Change L.A.’s Landscape

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The suspense is building.

Los Angeles is amidst an infrastructural renaissance that is destined to modify the landscape of our beloved city. We’re not talkin’ manicured hedges here — we mean a total revamping of the Sunset Strip, an epic revival of Pacific Palisades and more.
We’re in the midst of all these changes, yet many citizens are unaware of the projected plans that are bound to redefine this crazy place we call home. Cue Smith & Berg for a complete rundown. Or perhaps we should say build-up? Puns aside, get ahold of these highly anticipated projects:

The 6AM Development | DTLA

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that DTLA is completely booming with new developments, but did you know that two 58-story skyscrapers have been proposed to grace Alameda Street and completely alter the area forever? The plans are so thorough and beautifully outrageous that it’s predicted the establishments won’t be completed until 2035. Oh, and the price? A mere $2 billion.
The first ever proposed skyscrapers for DTLA, the dual towers will be comprised of a school, housing, offices and retail spaces — a little bit of everything for everyone. And, even better? The 6AM Development will be designed by Pritzker Prize-winning Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron (we’re avid Instagram followers, obviously). The buildings will be reminiscent of industrial-style warehouses and have large blank spaces to “encourage murals and other evolutionary art responses.” A piece of art that houses art? Revolutionary.

8150 Sunset | West Hollywood

The Sunset Strip has gotten a bad rap over the past few decades; but, let it be known that it’s making a total comeback. In recent years, this mile and a half stretch has become one of the most sought-after locales for developers to establish high-end projects, and 8150 Sunset certainly doesn’t fall short with its Frank Gehry-designed grandeur.
The starchitect’s designs (which are obviously insane in structure) showcase multiple buildings with space for retail businesses, 219 apartments, 30 condos and a 27,000-square-foot central plaza. While approved by the city, the project has faced several several obstacles in court. Gehry definitely dreams big, but his wildest dreams are often brought to fruition with stellar intensity. We’re staying tuned for this one, for sure.

Charles Company Project | West Hollywood

West Hollywood is in for a real whimsical surprise. As of recent, the Charles Company filed plans with the city to develop a 19-story hotel complete with 185 rooms. Sounds subtle, right? Think again. The building will be circular in structure with the intention to mimic Robert Therrien’s sculpture of stacked plates at The Broad.
Designed by R & A Architecture and Design, the funky hotel is also rumored to include 14 apartments, an art gallery and 7,500 square feet for restaurant and retail space. There’s plenty of debate that WeHo hosts far too many hotels, but the killer design of this one could likely change people’s minds.

The Arts Club | West Hollywood

Once again, the Sunset Strip comin’ in hot. Plans have been approved for a new and highly-exclusive Arts Club which will reside amongst 132,000 square feet within a nine-story building, featuring vertical aluminum fins that rotate along the facade. This super fancy club will cost $2,000 to join, plus $2,000 a year in dues to its London branch. And the real kicker? There’s no swearing allowed.
Backed by Gwyneth Paltrow and her business partner Gary Landesberg, this uber private and posh establishment will contain creative office spaces, an art gallery, screening rooms, a gym, dining terraces, 15 guest rooms, a five-star eatery and, of course, a super glam rooftop deck and pool. Goop followers unite because this Arts Club has Gwenyth Paltrow written all over it.

The Palisades Village | Pacific Palisades

Imagine a charming Cape Cod town transplanted to the heart of Pacific Palisades. Then imagine your favorite Hollywood eatery, Madeo, along with countless high-end and unique retailers taking residence within the aforementioned Traditional architecture. This isn’t just your imagination anymore — these are the exact plans for the ever-anticipated Palisades Village.
Devised by billionaire developer Rick Caruso, the Palisades Village is fated to be a quaint yet upscale community rather than a typical L.A. tourist destination. In fact, Caruso pledged that promise. The 116,000-square-foot Village broke ground in June 2016 and is projected to open, in its entirety, in the summer of 2018. If you need us until then, we’ll be over here waiting for next summer.

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