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There are countless tech topics and terms thrown around these days. It’s hard to keep up. Without a doubt, you’ve been in a conversation with a millennial and found yourself nodding your head in seeming agreement but didn’t quite understand what they were talking about. Maybe that’s a presumptuous statement, but feel no shame if you’ve been there — we certainly have. Inspired by the insane modern installments in our new developments and high end properties throughout Los Angeles, we’ve compiled the simple, chilled-out version of tech topics you should know how to talk about.

Don’t stop reading now. You better believe we’ve thrown some fun into the mix.

“Automation Hub”

An automation hub can be thought of as a centralized method to run a smart home. The idea is super meta, but the actual device is often surprisingly small. A tiny gadget connects to the cloud (not the fluffy things in the sky, but rather an external storage software that doesn’t require a physical computer) and can control your home via a remote, app or — stay with us — your voice. Whether you want to control the temperature of your bedroom, turn off the lights or pump up some jams, an automation hub can likely do the trick. So, the next time someone refers to Google Home or Amazon Echo (or you hear someone talking to a gal named “Alexa”) you’ll get the gist of it.
Google Home

“Machine Learning”

The best way to explain machine learning is through a human example. For instance, if you want to teach a child to swim, you drop him/her in the deep end. Just kidding. But really, you probably start with floaties and blowing bubbles. Similarly, if you want a computer to complete a task, you have to program it. That takes a lot of time that we don’t want to spend, though. Enter machine learning: an algorithm that teaches computers how to program themselves (with a little bit of human help). This may seem like a robotic takeover, but if it means kids can just know how to swim, robots can have at it.

“AR and VR”

If you live in Los Angeles, you’ve undoubtedly heard of augmented reality and virtual reality. You’re probably on the right track if you recognize that neither of these describe actual reality (something we should probably try to regain as a society). But, for the time being, we can try to understand what this whole phenomenon is about.
First, augmented reality adds something to our current reality — it does not displace us. If you were to put on Samsung’s AR glasses, you would be able to see your iPhone or computer screen right before your eyes (literally, right in front of them). Virtual reality, on the other hand, transports you to an entirely different environment. Through Oculus Rift’s closed goggles, you can suddenly find yourself anywhere in the world. Can’t leave your desk but you want a piña colada on the beach in Hawaii? No problem. You’ll look a little strange doing it, but hey — anything for a tiki cup cocktail.

“Internet of Things (IoT)”

If you’ve heard of the Internet of Things, do not fear — we are all in this together. The esoteric title is just as confusing as the abstract idea behind it. Simply put, the IoT will connect virtually any device to the internet, and to each other. As such, our world will be one interconnected machine: a wildly obscure notion rooted in the fact that this interconnection doesn’t quite exist — yet. Imagine a day when your alarm clock goes off and immediately sends a signal to the coffee maker to fire up; or, when your printer runs out of ink and automatically reorders some for itself. Mind. Blown.
While we can’t instigate this whole “Internet of Things” shenanigan, we can endorse the next topic, an app that makes for an uber smart home (uber as in super — not a house on wheels).

DTE Energy App

Smart homes are becoming wickedly intelligent. While many tech installments may seem excessive, there are several that we’ve integrated into our properties that are totally ethical (check out 169 North Canyon View Drive’s LEED-certified flooring). Yet, we’ve noticed that many smart homes are lacking a killer app to manage sustainable functions. Behold the DTE Energy App. All you have to do is hold your phone up to a power cord within your household and, before you know it, you’ll be able to monitor, control and scale down your energy consumption. No need to reach out to your utility company. With this app, you have all the power (and the ability to reduce it, too).
Now, for a wee bit o’ fun. Go ahead and put your newfound knowledge to test:

IMAX Virtual Reality

Since you understand what all the cool kids are talking about when it comes to virtual reality, join ’em. IMAX has unveiled their new flagship VR center on Fairfax in Los Angeles, where you have the chance to experience an absolutely epic departure from reality.
Whether you want to be displaced to a scene in Star Wars or walk upon a cable between New York City skyscrapers, IMAX VR transports you to an adventure of a lifetime — without even moving. Sit in one of their sleek, futuristic pods and enter an otherworldly realm. Who’s in? Snag a ticket here.

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