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Giving back feels good. Great, actually. SBP would know, after all. But our busy schedules often hold us back from living our most charitable lives. That’s why we’ve conjured up a list of six simple ways you can mix philanthropy into your daily lifestyle (it’s not all extravagant galas, folks). Below, read up on how you can make a difference—every 👏🏼single 👏🏼day.

1. Play & Raise

When you want to hang out with your boys (or girls!) but still do some good in the world, consider playing in a charity golf tournament. They can be major money-makers, bringing together both serious golfers and philanthropists for a good cause. What’s better than that?

2. Bring Vegas to You

Why throw your money away in Vegas when you could play poker at home and redirect that moola somewhere worthwhile? It’s simple—host a charity poker night and raise funds for your favorite organization (or a few of them, for that matter). I think we’d all feel a little better if our gambling did some good in the world.

3. Buy & Give

We all online shop. So why not place your next order on Amazon Smile and start buying goods while giving back at the same time? Part of the proceeds will go to the charitable organization of your choice. Just bookmark the site in your browser so it’s a set it and forget it situation. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

4. Your Pain, Charity’s Gain

We all exercise, too—right? Maybe not as often as we online shop but let’s make a change in 2020, yeah? There are countless charity walks and runs that take place throughout the year for a variety of organizations, while several companies like SoulCycle are known for putting on super successful charity rides (and will even host one for you).

5. Take Philanthropy to Work

There’s undeniable power in numbers, folks. Every company should engage in local volunteer work, so try to get your employees and coworkers together for, say, a beach cleanup or soup kitchen gig during the holidays. Or go the extra mile and host a charity event (like SBP does for Children’s Burn Foundation every year). Not only will this add some good vibes to your corporate atmosphere, but it creates stronger relationships among colleagues and improves teamwork. A total win-win.

6. Think Local

Philanthropy is often a lot simpler than we make it out to be. Start by committing to one act of kindness every day. Donate old clothes to Goodwill, drop off personal hygiene products at the local shelter or even pay for the person behind you in line at the Starbucks drive-thru. What goes around, comes around.

Looking for a more direct route of donating? Take a look at some of SBP’s favorite charities and close out your year of giving with a bang.

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