6 Tips for Picking the Perfect Homesite

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Believe it or not, building your dream home isn’t all about architectural design or decorative details. In fact, it has mostly everything to do with selecting the perfect homesite. How do you choose the ideal lot, you ask? Well, SBP has compiled six tips and tricks for picking the best piece of property possible — no matter where you live. Check off each box below and get going on the home of your dreams.

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You’ve heard this time and time again: location, location, location. While it’s crucial for the neighborhood to pass the school, centrality and crime tests, the homesite should likewise be considered for its proximity to local conveniences and transportation, north/south sun exposure, bordering properties and more. Albeit cliché, the tried and true saying should be a major focus of your homesite search.


The views of a homesite largely influence how your home can be designed and positioned, making this box a crucial one to check off in your property search. Not to mention that a home with views = higher resale value. Whether you opt for ocean, mountain, city or treetop views, make sure the homesite is positioned in a way that will allow your build to maximize the surrounding vistas. And don’t forget to research if your views could be hindered by neighbors (like, say, a tree on their property). This step gets a little complicated, so feel free to reach out for assistance.


Repeat after us — flat is favorable, but hillsides provide the best views. Even if your homesite is on a hillside, it’s best to make sure that a portion of the land that you ultimately build on is flat. Many properties in Los Angeles are sloped, at best, with steep sectors that can pose serious hurdles in grading the land. So, when homesite shopping, be sure to find a plot of land that’s as flat as possible. This may not be the easiest feat, but it will certainly serve you well in the end (and if you need a little help — you know who to call). 
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Sun Position

Remember that homesite orientation for optimal sun exposure is absolutely key — not only for your own enjoyment but also for the future home’s heating and cooling capabilities. A southwest-facing backyard is ideal for beautiful afternoon light and killer sunsets, while east-facing homesites collect more morning light. It’s a bit of a science, but luckily the Sun Seeker app does the work for you.

Lot Density

Let’s circle back to actually building on the homesite, shall we? When selecting a property, make sure the home you plan to build is not prohibited by local zoning regulations. That way, you won’t face any major obstacles in the building process or surprises in the neighboring property owners’ use of land. When vetting homesites, simply input the address on this website to see how much you can build above ground.


The last box to check (but certainly not the least) is financing the home you want to build on the homesite you’ve ultimately selected. Buyers who want to build usually have a little trouble with this step so it’s important to find a financing option specific to your needs as an owner-builder. Kinecta is an epic company that offers convenient, specialized financing solutions for all sorts of building, purchasing and even reconstruction. Fill out a quick form on their site, schedule a loan consultation and boom — you’re taken care of.
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Stuck in dreamland? Let us send you some options for the perfect homesite to build your dream home. Reach us at [email protected] and let’s chat about making your dream a reality.

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