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Now, more than ever, the SBP team is looking for inspiration in every facet of life. Because with the reality of this new normal, we’re not experiencing the energizing stimuli that we typically feed off of — travel, food, art, people, places. That’s why we’re flipping on the following documentaries to get our creative juices flowing while staying home. So grab your remote, pop some popcorn and join us in our search for inspiration and ingenuity — without even leaving your couch.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure

We may not be crazy adrenaline junkies on the SBP team, but we do love the thrill of putting ourselves up to a challenge. That’s where the docuseries Don’t Crack Under Pressure comes in with jaw-dropping inspo to break out of our shell (even if it’s to a way lesser extent). The film follows some of the biggest risk-takers and athletes who put themselves against the most unpredictable elements of nature, from big wave surfing to jumping out of helicopters and swimming with sharks. If there were ever a sign to get off the couch, this is it.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

This British documentary offers a window into the eccentric world of street art, following Thierry Guetta who is utterly obsessed with locating Banksy — the iconic anonymous street artist. In a wonderful turn of events, the camera is turned back on its owner with film direction from Banksy himself. You might be thinking, how does this inspire a real estate team? It’s the unshakeable itch to learn, to push ourselves, to search for answers even if we fail. Those are lessons that transcend to everything that we do — selling homes, pursuing side hustles, being parents. The list goes on.

The Last Dance

We’re so inspired by The Last Dance that we even wrote an entire piece on it — remember? The cult-favorite docuseries gives a definitive account of the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty through the lens of the final championship season, shedding light on timeless lessons like acting as a team, getting to work as soon as possible and not letting ego get in the way. Simply put, all of us on the SBP are just striving to be the Michael Jordans of real estate.

Fantastic Fungi

All of us have had our fair share of moments in which we’ve questioned humanity in recent months. And in those moments, we’ve collectively turned to the documentary Fantastic Fungi to find connection and hope. The time-lapse film offers a look into the magical world of fungi and its often-overlooked power to heal, offering a thought-provoking take on what we can learn if we actually listen to the unseen world around us. Now just imagine our conversations over Zoom about this.

Chef’s Table

None of us claim to be chefs, per se, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t found a tremendous amount of inspiration from bingeing Chef’s Table. The Netflix documentary series offers valuable insights into the major culinary movements that are happening across the globe, and beyond making us hungry, it’s rekindled our creativity in ways we didn’t know possible — from pushing ourselves to think out of the box at work to actually busting out some pots and pans at home.

Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things

It’s been easy to get caught up in the material things recently (some of us are definitely guilty of hoarding toilet paper way back in March) so we’ve turned to this documentary to clean up our lives and find happiness in the simplicity. The film examines the many ways to live a minimalist life, spotlighting everyone from architects to Wall Street brokers, which makes it all the more relatable. There’s no doubt many of us have Marie Kondo’d our closets after watching this one.

Be Water

We’ve long adhered to Bruce Lee’s motto be water, which means that we should strive to be spontaneous and flexible, and simply go with the flow of life. Now, a new ESPN 30 for 30 docuseries is bringing Bruce’s maxim to life through a beautiful and visual recount of his career. In it, the iconic martial artist inspires us not only to push ourselves, to be adaptable, but also to look through the lens of an activist in every little thing that we do — which has perhaps never been more prevalent.

Joan Didion: The Centre Will Not Hold

Joan Didion might be a literary legend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t apply her badassery to all aspects of our lives — from closing deals to freeing ourselves of past grief. In this epic documentary, Joan Didion reflects on her remarkable career and personal struggles, offering a unique lens into her life beyond the page. Don’t be afraid if you experience a sudden jolt of creativity after watching this — many of us on the SBP team can attest to Joan’s life-altering influence.

What documentaries are you queueing up? Any that we missed? Let us know at [email protected] and let’s all get back on the creative bandwagon.

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