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To drive or not to drive—that’s always the Saturday night question. Yes, you could stay in and order subpar takeout OR you could hop in the car and indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime meal. Have we solved your dilemma yet? Los Angeles is home to some of the most insane restaurants in America, so yeah—get in the car. Now. We’ve compiled a list of epic eateries by neighborhood, so all you have to do is pick your destination and get ready for a delectably memorable night out.

Nerano | Beverly Hills

If you’re looking to take a quick trip to the Amalfi Coast without leaving Los Angeles, put Nerano on your eat list. The menu is an ode to the owners’ favorite spot on the Italian coast, complete with “Tartufata” pizza (hello burrata and truffle heaven), “Tagliata di Kobe” (think sliced Wagyu beef), Nocciolino (a medley of dark chocolate and hazelnut that’s NOT to be missed) and so, so much more.
Nerano Beverly Hills

Tesse | West Hollywood

The brainchild of Chef Raphael Francois and Pastry Chef Sally Camacho Mueller, Tesse is a French restaurant featuring dynamic, continental-inspired cuisine—all served in a chic dining room on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of West Hollywood. It’s classy, yet approachable; sexy in design, yet cozy in ambiance. Just order the bucatini with bone marrow and confit lamb and get back to us.
Inside Hook

Angelini Osteria | Fairfax

Angelini Osteria has swiftly become one of LA’s most celebrated restaurants for its supremely high-quality ingredients and Italian authenticity. Born from chef Gino Angelini’s rich culinary background, Angelini Osteria has blazed the trail for many Italian restaurants in LA, renowned for dishes like the famous Linguine Sea Urchin and sought-after Spaghetti Norcina. So, if you’re craving an authentic experience, make the drive to Fairfax. You can thank us later.
The Favourite Restaurant

Gwen | Hollywood

Retail meat shop? In-house butchery? Full-service restaurant? Yup, Gwen‘s got it all. Renowned chef Curtis Stone’s Hollywood eatery is a fine-dining-meat-lover’s must. Opt for the five-course tasting menu, complete with charcuterie, a few veggie dishes and, at last, the meat—pork belly, a sliced rib chop, a bit of stewed cheek, and (you’re going to want to do this) the a la carte 12-ounce Blackmore Farms New York strip. Pure meat nirvana.
Gwen LA

Majordomo | Chinatown

If you haven’t taken a seat at Majordomo yet, stop everything you’re doing and book it to Chinatown (that is, if you can snag a reservation). The modern Korean joint, born from David Chang’s inspired and highly innovative vision, is one of the most coveted restaurants in Los Angeles—and it just opened in 2018. Get a taste of the boneless chuck short rib (after they melt raclette cheese over it at the table) and you’re destined to never look at food the same again.
Food & Wine Magazine

Bavel | DTLA

Bestia is an obvious DTLA fave, but have you heard of Chef Ori Menashe and Genevieve Gergis’ new Middle Eastern mecca? Bavel boasts a pumped-up menu of all the classics—hummus, baba ghanoush, lamb shawarma, pork tagine. But, while seemingly traditional, the dishes are truly far from it. And better yet? The bright, airy ambiance and five-star service are completely on point. We promise that you can return here time and time again and never feel disappointed.
Bavel DTLA

Felix | Venice

Chef Evan Funke’s take on traditional Italian cuisine at Felix in Venice is truly jaw-dropping and, well, mouthwatering. The chic space on Abbot Kinney features an open kitchen where pasta is made right before your very eyes, resulting in dishes that are bona fide masterpieces. You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but you MUST preface your meal with donut-like focaccia. Then, of course, follow up with the pappardelle and capunti pasta. Your stomach will thank you oh so very much.
LA Weekly

N/Naka | Culver City

‘Bout time we got to sushi, right? While you could easily get Sugarfish takeout (which, honestly, we wouldn’t blame you for) it’s crucial that you head to N/Naka in Culver City. The upscale Japanese restaurant (featured on Chef’s Table, no less) offers tasting menus prepared by chef Niki Nakayama, all served in a sleek, contemporary setting. It’s pricey, sure, but incredibly worth it. Don’t shy away from that thirteen course tasting menu, folks.

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