80s Decor Trends We’re Still Obsessing Over Today

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The SBP team is big on stepping out of the box when it comes to home design. Maybe not too far out, but just far enough. And there’s one major trend we’ve all had our eye on recently: the 80s, baby. Don’t worry, we’re not advocating for waterbeds or rag-rolled walls. Let’s just agree to leave those in the past. But chunky shapes and light pastels? Consider them back in style. That’s why our team rounded up the top trends we’re still obsessing over today, and how you can bring them into your own homes for some serious joie de vivre.

French Blue Cabinetry 

There’s a lot about kitchens in the 80s that should be erased from interior design history. But one trend that’s making an epic comeback is (drum roll, please)…French blue. As of recent, many homeowners are forgoing the typical bright white aesthetic that ensures safety and, well, sterility, and opting for bolder colors that tell a more exciting story. That’s where French blue comes in. It’s vibrant, but not crazy. Daring, sure, but definitely not questionable. All in all, it’s an 80s trend that we’re absolutely here for in 2021.
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Chunky Furniture

A few years ago, chunky, deep-seated furniture might’ve been a debatable choice. But today, it’s making its way into countless modern homes throughout Los Angeles. Because you know what? It’s practical, and not to mention comfortable as heck. And when it comes to the aesthetic, its soft, curvy lines offer a perfect contrast to sleek, straight-edged interiors. In essence, chunky furniture is a homey addition to an otherwise clean and contemporary environment. So, what we’re saying is, sign us up. 
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Brass Touches

You heard it here first — brass is back. But let’s be clear…we don’t mean the brass-framed fireplaces everyone used to have in the 80s. Or those super-detailed brass bathroom fixtures with crystal handles. Today, brass is far more understated and elegant than it used to be. You can be subtle with a killer lamp in your living room, or even step it up a notch with a sleek brass faucet in your kitchen. But don’t be afraid to get a little extra, too. There are so many whimsical, 80s-inspired pieces you can find today, like a rounded bookshelf or eccentric sconces that would add flair to any modern-day space. 
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Neon & Pastels 

Neon and pastels: two contrasting color waves from the 80s that are having a major moment, whether you like it or not. It’s hard to think about the 80s without conjuring up an image of a) a kitschy home with light pinks and yellows, and b), an over-the-top Miami Vice-style house with bright lights and geometric shapes. This might sound unnerving to accomplish in today’s day and age, but there’s a science to it. If you’re going the pastel route, integrate soft hues without making them the sole focus. If you’re choosing neon, consider bright pops of color (like a stellar piece of art) for a bit of eccentricity. The key here is to let your personality shine.
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Built-in Gadgets

Remember those built-in countertop blenders from the 80s or the wall can openers that made for easy cooking? Well, integrated gadgets are coming back into the picture — but don’t worry, they’re completely modernized and not to mention aesthetically pleasing. We’re all about making things as simple and practical as possible these days, like customizing kitchen cabinets with a lift for our KitchenAid or even building a wine fridge into the wall (can opener, wine fridge…same difference), which totally harks back to the kitchen mentality of the 80s. We might be a bit more technologically advanced now, but it’s all relative — right?
New York Magazine
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What 80s trends are you digging? If you need any persuasion or guidance, you know where to reach us. And don’t forget to tag us in your home pics on Instagram @smithandberg so we can feature your epic 80s style.


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