Coffee & Community: An Interview with Gary Chau of Caffe Luxxe

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As any SBP insider would know, we can’t live without our morning cup o’ joe. From Beverly Hills to Brentwood, we’ve taste-tested pretty much every coffee out there — but there’s one spot in particular that continues to come out on top: Caffe Luxxe. Best friends and co-founders Gary Chau and Mark Wain opened their first location in Santa Monica back in 2006, and now? They have a whopping eight locations throughout LA. Press play on our latest interview now, and be sure to stop by Caffe Luxxe for a coffee unlike any other.
So, how’d they do it? Gary and Mark have committed to sourcing beans from small, family-run farms around the world while perfecting their methods and small-batch roasting for unparalleled quality. After all, when you pour passion into what you do, success comes easy. Their philosophy is one we’ve admired for years now, so we wanted to get key insights right from the source…
In this episode of “Out of Office,” F. Ron and David had the opportunity to chat with Gary Chau about all things Caffe Luxxe, from their popular whisky and coffee tasting (which the SBP team has obviously done…), how to make the best cup of coffee at home (high-quality beans required), and more. Later, F. Ron and David go head-to-head in an epic latte art competition, and let’s just say Gary shows them a thing or two about how it’s really done and why their baristas are trained for up to 12 months before hitting the floor.
As always, tag us in your photos for the chance to be featured on Instagram. Best latte art wins! 

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