Coming in Hot: F. Ron & David’s 2022 Real Estate Predictions (VIDEO BLOG)

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SBP Founders F. Ron Smith and David Berg are known to handle the heat when it comes to most things in life — complex real estate deals, tough questions and, yes, literal spice. So why not create a video series inspired by Sean Evans’ Hot Ones where SBP’s head honchos answer hard-hitting q’s while taste-testing crazy hot sauce? We’re kicking off our first episode with F. Ron and David’s real estate predictions for buyers and sellers in 2022, so press play and buckle up for some spicy answers and hilarious, wincing faces.

What do you think the U.S. real estate market will look like in 2022 for both buyers and sellers?

Buyers: The 2022 market looks like it will be a repeat of 2021: buyers need to be fully prepared for the complete home-buying process before they start looking. This means having their finances fully approved so they’re prepared to be aggressive in the offer-making process. Although we believe there will be more properties available, the 2022 market looks to be equally as competitive as 2021.
Sellers: It’s been a seller’s market for the last 18 months. In 2022, look for a greater degree of parity where sellers will need to be less stringent and more open when offers are presented.

What should homebuyers and sellers prepare for in the coming year in terms of pricing?

Buyers: The playing field for buying homes in 2022 will have a very similar feel to 2021. Although there may be a slight increase in properties coming on the market, the rules of engagement will remain the same.
Sellers: Be thoughtful on your pricing and know that you can never underprice your property. Be aware of the fact that the inspection process can be fraught with challenges. Be sure to pre-inspect your home prior to putting it on the market so you’re in a better position for negotiations later. 

What about inventory? Or interest rates? 

The forecast for interest rates in 2022 is that there will be minimal fluctuation. As people acclimate to this new reality in a (hopefully) post-Covid world, there will be a slight increase in inventory. 

What trends are you seeing from your clients?

Our clients who are selling are being proactive in preparing their home for sale with our expert guidance. For example, this could mean significant upgrades to landscaping and the condition of both the exterior and interior of their home. All these updates maximize a home’s value. Even with the multitude of DIY shows broadcast on HGTV and Bravo, buyers for the most part have no vision. An experienced agent walks into a home and can immediately see what needs to be done to get the best sales price.

What unique features and amenities are your clients requesting?

More outdoor entertainment space and efficient, user-friendly home automation that can be controlled via smartphone or tablet.

Will any trends fade out as 2021 comes to an end?

The traditional screening room set up (movie theatre seating with drink holders) will fade and be replaced with comfortable couches. The traditional screening room will transform into more of a full entertainment lounge, servicing sporting events, gaming and movies, as well as entertaining. 

Are there any additional thoughts you’d like to share? 

Buyers: Stay optimistic. Be vigilant, aggressive and listen to your skilled agent.
Sellers: Remember you can never under-price your property. Be willing to take the time to prepare your home for maximum appeal and interest. Oh, and did we mention listen to your skilled agent? We have your best interest in mind and know what it takes to get top dollar from your real estate investments.

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