Decorating with Upscale Minimalism

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Maximize your minimalism

When you think of minimalism these days, you likely conjure up an image of epic modern homes with architectural finesse and sleek industrial design. Then, perhaps, you think of young millennials living in “tiny houses” with nothing but the stripped down necessities to get by. That’s where we’d like to offer our two cents—quite minimalist of us, no?

Minimalism needn’t always entail elimination or scaled down consumption. In fact, a minimalist approach to design can be thoroughly upscale, inspiring a luxe yet simplistic lifestyle. Get a glimpse of a few favorite Smith & Berg listings that’ll motivate you to maximize decorative minimization. In this case, less is more—until you want to continue doing more of less.

Clean & simple white bathroom accented by bronze and silver.


A simple outdoor space made stylish by bold wicker pieces.


Bright living space amplified by chic modern furnishings.


Similar colors used in various textures.

303 South Westgate Avenue

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