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Keeping up with home trends can be exhausting. Especially in a place like Los Angeles, it feels as though each day brings with it a new fresh fad; one day faux designs are super in and the next day they’re super out. As real estate connoisseurs, it’s our job to stay on top of what’s all the rage. Yet, as self-proclaimed real estate revolutionaries, we like to challenge the status quo and define—on our own terms—what’s in vogue.
As such, we’ve found steady ground between doing what’s stylistically unique and ubiquitously á la mode. Behold, a list of elements that we believe are defining today’s hottest home trends. To each his own, but we’re pretty sure you’ll pick up what we’re putting down.

Velvet Details

You may think velvet is a thing of the past, but it’s best you think again. Versatile, comfortable and aesthetically soothing, velvet is one of the most resurgent elements of today’s popular decor trends. When combined with rustic wood finishes or industrial fixtures, the fabric totally amplifies a room’s stylistic personality. It’s cozy, yet fashionable; bold, yet decoratively flexible. Velvet is, if you will, a modern interior design revivalist. Pro tip: just don’t go overboard.
Interior Define

Antiques in Contemporary Spaces

It goes without saying that the majority of homes in Los Angeles have a slick contemporary edge. Whether it’s an uber-modern architectural or traditional home with a modern twist (shout out to 145 North Carmelina Avenue), contemporary sophistication is pretty much obligatory in today’s market. Yet, as much as we love modern minimalism, we’re strong advocates for decorative character. Call us old school, but antiques are a stunning addition to any sleek space. Whether you scavenge your local antique store for a vintage dresser or purchase a high-end reclaimed wood dining room table, these antiquated additions are sure to add warmth and comfort to an otherwise monotonous room.
One Kings Lane

Rich Hues

There’s no denying that we love a soothing neutral palette, but dark hues are swiftly entering the design scene and we’re all for it. Sure, a neutral color scheme is best for your home’s overall ambiance, but consider going rogue in one or two rooms with a rich emerald green or matte navy. Not only does a quick color change enliven your home with a bit of spice, but it also provides an adaptable base to expand upon with unique furnishings and details.

Brass Fixtures

You heard it here first: brass is the new copper. We’re not talking shiny or kitschy decorative accents — we mean classic unlacquered fixtures, faucets, frames and beyond. If you’re looking to revamp your kitchen or bathroom, look no further than the ever-pleasing brass and marble combo. There’s no better complement to the natural brightness of Carrara than a splash of classic, industrial, glamorous brass.

Patterned Tiles

When trying to keep up with home trends, it’s likely you overlook your bathroom. From our point of view, that’s straight up decor prejudice. It’s time to say adieu to your preconception of this space being host to a mere shower, toilet and sink; believe it or not, bathrooms are quickly becoming one of the fashion-forward rooms in modern homes. Consider sprucing up your master bath or small washroom with vibrant patterned tiles (like those used at 446 25th Street), which are destined to add flair and panache to a space that you once believed to be mundane. Whether you choose a minimalist or maximalist approach, any sort of patterned tile will transform a bland bathroom into an elegant loo (when pronounced in a British accent, you’ll surely understand what we mean).

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