DIY Home Hacks: How to Make the Office Your Favorite Room

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Creating a livable, productive workspace is an important undertaking in today’s day and age. But, believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be a massive endeavor. Whether you’ve conjured up a makeshift space or are among the lucky few to have a dedicated home office, we’ve rounded up five simple DIY hacks to up the ante on your WFH digs. Now, go on — get to sprucing and reactivate your most inspired at-home self.

1. Merge beauty and utility.

We’re not sure who needs to hear this, but office supplies needn’t be hard on the eyes. At home, you have all the say in the world as to what your desk looks like. Elevate your laptop with a modern, ergonomic computer stand, stay organized with a sleek, bamboo charging station, bring in some greenery with a concrete planter that just so happens to hold your pens, too. Your options for functional beauty are aplenty.
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2. Go heavy on the light.

If your workspace features a healthy dose of natural light (which we hope it does), simply face the desk or table toward the window for optimal light and a glare-free computer screen. If it doesn’t, consider bringing in some chic lighting fixtures, whether that’s a brass pendant, chandelier or a striking downbridge floor lamp. The smallest design details can truly make all the difference. Easy and cost-effective — total win-win.

3. Get comfortable.

If you’re used to spending most of the day behind a desk, a comfortable office chair is absolutely key. And now that you’re spending your days at home, you’re likely lacking the proper seating. Have no fear — you can find desk chairs that offer form, function and style. Go contemporary with a leather swivel chair, ball out with a burnt auburn velvet chair, keep it sleek with an armless mid-century chair. You get the idea. Not all chairs are made equal.

4. Get creative with art.

If you’re staring at a computer all day, it’s crucial to curate an inspiring ambiance that kickstarts your creativity. Whether you hang a stellar painting or photograph above your desk or put together an eclectic gallery wall with an array of pieces, you’re sure to create a more stimulating, motivating aesthetic that gets your wheels turning. And, let’s not forget that beautiful art makes for an epic Zoom background.

5. Go green.

Plants make people happy — that’s a fact. Enliven your workspace with some easy-to-manage succulents, place a charming fiddle leaf fig next to your desk, hang a bohemian planter with pothos or ferns. Or, if you’re lacking a green thumb, bring nature to your walls with botanical prints for a quick, organic touch that fosters the most peaceful WFH space you could imagine.
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How have you gotten creative with your at-home workspace during quarantine? We’d love to know — shoot us an email (and brownie points for photos!) at [email protected].
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