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It’s the season we’ve all been waiting for in Los Angeles. Your favorite veggies and produce, from corn to peaches to tomatoes, are at the peak of freshness, beckoning the perfect salad, fruit bowl or pie. And while you could swing by your nearest grocery store for some slightly unripe ingredients, we’re here to let you know there’s a new sheriff in town — the farmers box. Several SoCal businesses and farms have begun curating bountiful vegetable and fruit boxes for delivery or pick-up, allowing Angelenos to reap the countless rewards of freshly harvested food while supporting local growers. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the top six boxes you can get right now in Los Angeles, so skip that grocery store run and start prepping your ultimate summer menu. Here’s to health, wealth and the summer sun!

Flamingo Estate

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Flamingo Estate on Instagram — and for good reason. High in the hills above LA, Richard Christiansen built an insanely picture-perfect botanical garden, orchard and home, and has even gone one step further to team up with nearly 75 local farms. Now, you can order his Regenerative Farm Box, complete with delicious, nutrient-rich and nourishing food (plus a few Flamingo Estate surprises) from the area’s best farmers and growers. Order once for $99 or subscribe and get it delivered either weekly or bi-weekly for $94. Trust us when we say it’s worth it. 

Huarache Farms

A cooperative of local urban growers, Huarache Farms offers CSA (community shared agriculture) produce boxes that are 100% customizable and can be delivered straight to your doorstep (if you live on the Eastside). Expect all kinds of in-season fruits and veggies, along with homemade soaps, sauces, nut butters — you name it. They send out an order form via email every Tuesday, and you can either have your box delivered or pick it up at the Atwater Farmers Market on Sunday. 

Sow a Heart Farms

Sow a Heart is a bountiful regenerative farm run by the team at Sage Bistro, a popular vegan restaurant and brewery with a few locations around LA. They now offer a CSA box filled with produce that’s currently in season and ready for harvest on their farms, meaning summer items will differ from those in the fall. For $50 right now, you’ll get loads of strawberries, kale, avocados and so much more either delivered to your address or picked up on Fridays in Silver Lake. 

Coldwater Farm Hub

The Coldwater Farm Hub partners with family-favorite farms to bring curated and pre-packed farm boxes to the larger Los Angeles Community. Owned by a husband and wife team who have been avid farmers market-goers for 10+ years, the Hub makes it easy for Angelenos to get fresh produce, eggs and other nourishing foods in a safe and convenient way while supporting farmers who have been disrupted by COVID-19. Order today and you’ll even get some newer offerings like elderberry syrup, cheese, coffee, sourdough bread and more.

Lady & Larder

Lady & Larder, LA’s millennial-favorite cheese shop, now offers seasonal, farm-fresh produce boxes in collaboration with Windrose Farm — a spectacular oasis hidden in the hills of Paso Robles. Completely seasonal and rotational, their box features about 10 selections of produce from the top farmers at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, available for pick up or delivery every Friday and Saturday. Pre-order now and get yours next week!

Your Local Farmers Market

Want to get straight to the source? Look no further than your local farmers market for the ultimate build-your-own farm box. From Brentwood to Santa Monica to Venice (we could go on, but we won’t bore you), you’ll discover the farmers themselves, all offering the freshest and healthiest ingredients available to inspire your next dish. Not sure when or where to go? Find a day-by-day list of LA County’s farmers markets here. 

Here’s to eating well and doing good! If you order a box from our list, be sure to tag us @smithandberg on Instagram so we can repost your beautiful farm-fresh goods. 

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