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While we believe that an Angeleno’s greatest luxury is access to killer real estate, we’re quick to admit that having access to fresh, local fare year-round is pretty great, too. After all, you can’t cook up a delicious summer meal without a well-appointed kitchen. That’s where we come in: real estate savants with an admiration for good eats. And, what better way to grocery shop than while meandering the vibrant aisles of L.A.’s best farmers markets? Let’s nix our crowded supermarket visits and support local businesses while spending the afternoon amongst good, natural vibes. Time to dig in.

Santa Monica Farmers Market

Wednesday: 8:30am-1:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 8am-1pm
You know that mind-blowing first bite of a fresh tomato and burrata salad when you say, is THAT what this is supposed to taste like? The answer is yes, and the chef at your favorite restaurant most certainly did his/her shopping at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Held every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, this city-renowned market is the largest and, without a doubt, most popular locale to purchase the most garden-fresh, organic ingredients in all of Los Angeles. Whether you come to scope out L.A.’s most acclaimed chefs doing their weekly rounds or buy bursting blueberries for your next summer pie (and nom on some Sugarfish sashimi while wandering, of course), this is where you’ll want to feast your eyes and bellies.
The Mia Project

Hollywood Farmers Market

Sunday: 8am-1pm
When you think of Tinseltown, it’s unlikely you conjure up an image of just-picked strawberries or multi-hued carrots. But, get ready to put on some sunglasses to shade yourself from the glitter and glam of Hollywood and unearth the true beauty of what lies right in your backyard. Every Sunday since 1991, rain or shine, the Hollywood Farmers Market has served as host to over 160 farmers, producers and local artisans, featuring the freshest of the fresh in a locale that is otherwise and often thought of as artificial. To flip the switch on the latter belief, the Hollywood Farmers Market has teamed up with SEE-LA (Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles) to form a more community-driven, healthy environment. We’ll cook to that.
Diane, A Broad

Beverly Hills Farmers Market

Sunday: 9am-1pm
This one hits, literally and figuratively, pretty close to home. Beyond the glitzy facade of Beverly Hills is a fully-dedicated community of residents who share a genuine compassion for one another and local businesses. Every Sunday, the Beverly Hills Farmers Market showcases prime California-grown produce and vegetables in a super fun environment, for both adults and kiddos alike. Nibble on (or swallow whole) an artisan French crêpe, chat with farmer Harry Nicholas (nearly 100-years-old) about his fresh harvest and send your youngin’ to Cookin’ Kids for a boisterous culinary experience. Here, you can kill two birds with one stone (sorry, vegans) — fresh groceries for the fam and an education for the kids. Maybe they’ll even offer to cook dinner for you. Maybe.

Brentwood Farmers Market

Sunday: 9am-2:30pm
For a Sunday afternoon brimming with seasonal fruits and veggies, gourmet and global cuisine, and your favorite celebrities left and right, the Brentwood Farmers Market is definitely the place to be. Located just south of San Vicente, this weekly event is the absolute cream of the crop, featuring over 200 independently-owned and local vendors. Whether you want to pick up some blooming flowers, sip on fresh-squeezed orange juice or load up on “super antioxidant microgreens” (obviously — we live in L.A.), the Brentwood Farmers Market has whatever your recipe calls for. If you have no plans to cook, simply come hungry and indulge in A) killer lobster rolls B) epic tamales C) hot waffles doused in whipped cream and chocolate sauce or D) all of the above.

South Pasadena Farmers Market

Thursday: 4–8pm
You’ve probably noticed that most of the aforementioned markets are on Sundays, yet you only have two legs and need fresh produce and meat for all seven days of the week. That’s where the South Pasadena Farmers Market comes in handy. Held every Thursday, this charming and family-oriented event appeals to both valley-dwellers and distant Angelenos (for the uber environmentally-conscious, hop on the metro and off at the Gold Line’s South Pasadena station). Load up on incredibly fresh produce, prime cuts of beef and don’t forget to get a scoop or two of Carmela Ice Cream on your way out…and in.

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