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We’re definitely on the “work hard, play hard” bandwagon, but after a jam-packed day of selling homes there’s no other place we’d rather be than our own. However, when we want to lay back and kick it in the comfort of our abodes, we won’t do it just anywhere; a proper chill zone is one with a mellow yet sophisticated vibe, conducive to comfort yet decoratively killer.
Cue the man cave. Many people think of this designated area as a gaudy den to store all our guy gadgets that don’t necessarily belong elsewhere, but we’re about to flip the switch. It’s time to amp up the decor and enrich your space with some envy-worthy items, transforming the walls of your cave into a hard-to-escape sanctuary. Behold — your very own mantuary.

Don the cave with some slick leather chairs.

Every man cave deserves its own leather-clad throne. Whether you opt for something modern, vintage or wildly unique, you’re entitled to take a seat in the room’s fundamental centerpiece. So long are the days of kitschy recliner La-Z-Boys; at last, we’ve come upon a new age of modish leather chairs that are both cushy and easy on the eyes. If you’re feeling gracious, share the wealth and furnish your cave with not one but several thrones. For some inspiration, check out 169 North Canyon View Drive’s stellar leather, accented by wow-worthy mirrored armrests. Your man vault will earn all sorts of merited brownie points for both style and comfort.

Fill up your cart.

What’s a man cave if you’re not within arm’s reach of your favorite libation? At the end of a long day, there’s nothing quite like recoiling into your personal grotto with a drink in hand. However, none of this can be achieved without a well-supplied bar cart. Of course, any cart will do; yet, if you know us but at all, we won’t mess with just any liquor on wheels. Your man cave is worthy of a bar cart that will totally spruce up the room’s decor. Go for something classic, boasting multiple levels and handles for easy maneuvering, or one that’s radically decked out with a bottle trellis, utility drawers and glass racks. Take a peek at our antique brass cart below and take note: no bar cart can meet its full potential without the right spirits to occupy the space.

Trick out your walls with some art.

Although man caves are thought to be exclusive or secretive, we believe that epic style shouldn’t go unseen. Yes, this space should be a reflection of you, but it should likewise be a shared retreat to show off your artistic steeze. If you want to knock your guests socks off, trim your blank walls with some impressive paintings or photographs. Say goodbye to any nailed-in posters (it’s time to frame those bad boys) and primp your mantuary with a few abstract or subtle works, depending on the vibe you’re going for. The next time you invite your buddies over for a game of poker, they’ll surely be intimidated by your digs’ new sophisticated ambiance. A total win-win (if you play your cards right).

Pour it up.

The beauty of your man cave is in the eye of beer holder. We may have slightly altered that quote, but it remains true nonetheless. It’s one thing to stock the fridge with your preferred brew, but you know you’re a man cave savant when you install a countertop draft system. Sure, you can enjoy a cold one straight from the bottle, but why not take it up a few notches and integrate a sleek, innovative and super high-quality dispenser into your spiffed up pad? The SYNEK Draft System gives you access to your favorite craft beer on tap, chilled and pressurized for the freshest pour, every single time. Suds-sipping game-changer.

Take it on the rocks (literally).

There’s something to be said about chilling out with a chilled drink. But, this “something” is not what you’d expect; we’re asking for a cocktail on the rocks. Actual rocks. See you later ice, because we’ve found a new friend that won’t melt away our man cave concoctions. Lo and behold, the genius chilling stones: stainless-steel spheres filled with liquid, placed in the freezer and primed to plop in your next glass of top-shelf whiskey. The next time you’re unwilling to get up from your leather throne to fix up a new drink, look to these revolutionary rocks to save your scotch.

Make it the ultimate spot to kick it.

No man cave is complete without its own designated space to take it easy and immerse yourself in the screen before you. However, no two screens are made equal. To create the ultimate mantuary, you’ll need a killer entertainment system. If you have no structural limits, line up a few couches to swallow you whole and indulge in your favorite TV show or film on a large-scale HGTV (check out 169 North Canyon View Drive’s in-home theater below). If you can’t muster up enough space for exclusive TV-watching, simply rearrange the furniture to make your entertainment system the ultimate epicenter.

Show your personality.

While the list could go on, perhaps the most important thing to bring into your man cave is yourself. Enliven the digs with accents of you — timeless and timeworn knickknacks, cherished inheritances. These treasures can range from framed maps, weathered books, vintage glassware — whatever is important to you. After all, this is your personal in-home oasis. Whoever you wish to bring in should feel embraced by both decorative and characteristic warmth.

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