Going Au Naturel: 4 Ways to Bring the Outdoors In

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While we believe that true beauty lies in the eye of the homeowner, it’s pretty indisputable that the greatest luxury of living in Southern California is that granted by nature. Yet, must there be a divide between the structural and natural? We’d like to think otherwise. In fact, our most beloved homes are those that fuse interior and exterior living spaces, architecturally capitalizing upon a killer California setting while bringing the grandeur of the outdoors in.
Not only does a life lived in harmony with nature scientifically improve one’s happiness and well-being, but it also makes for some envy-worthy decor. So, why not bring your digs to life and reap the stellar design and health benefits? Go on, run wild.

Go Rustic, á la Mode

We’re not asking you to ditch your lovely L.A. abode and pitch a tent in the wilderness — unless you’re the super gutsy, go-for-it type. For our other readers, though, start by introducing some rustic elements into your contemporary crib. The “Modern Farmhouse” style has become all the rage in today’s design world, reflecting a chic architectural style that is mutually dependent on one’s admiration for nature.
All it takes is some reclaimed wood and wide plank floors complemented by sleek, industrial accents and finishes. If you feel at all lost, take a look at our new listing at 446 25th Street for an epic aha moment. Cozy yet modish, simultaneously pastoral and urban, the Modern Farmhouse evokes total warmth in a naturally sophisticated setting. The result is not just a house. It’s a home.

Enliven Your Walls

When we think of walls, artwork comes to mind. But, as we’ve all asked at some point in our lives, what really is art? As usual, we’re here to reevaluate the norm. While paintings and photographs allow us to establish a certain type of interior decor, whether that be minimalist or shabby chic, we want to propose a new art form: vertical gardens. It’s one thing to spruce up your home with plants here and there, but to make a craft out of it is another.
Bring your walls to life with foliage that doubles as a piece of art while improving both the air quality and ambience of your abode. If you happen to have a green thumb, gain inspiration from 169 North Canyon View Drive’s refined wall plants and do it yourself. Otherwise, check out Suite Plants’ smart and slick planters with integrated watering systems. Finally, a piece of art that makes sense.

Brighten Up

Living in Southern California has its legion of perks: a matchless coastal culture, sublime weather with an average of 284 days of sunshine and — perhaps greatest of all — hardly any mosquitoes. It may sound strange for the latter to be of such importance; however, when it comes to leaving vast windows and glass sliding doors open throughout the day, we have to give some serious props to our L.A. climate. Head to the East Coast and try to do the same. We dare you.
One of the simplest ways in which you can invite nature inward is via floor-to-ceiling windows and seamless indoor/outdoor living spaces, maximizing air-flow and inundating your home with a wealth of natural light. Illuminate each room with bright whites and neutral hues to accompany an inrush of daily sunlight, evoking a wonderfully pleasant interdependence between the architectural and natural facets of your residence.

Be a Party Planter

Hosting parties and going green all at once? Sign us up. While we could give you the rundown on how to deck out your place with succulents and potted trees, we’re going to branch out a bit (yes, we planted that pun). F. Ron and his wife, Tracy, recently sat down with Partners Trust to discuss how to host a winning summer soiree, and 169 North Canyon View Drive’s indoor & outdoor living spaces served as the ultimate setting to do so. Yet, while the home thrives on a kinship between these spaces, no summer shindig can prevail without floral, coastal-inspired accents.
At your next dinner party, ornament the table with bamboo bowls, a natural linen runner, oyster shells or stones as table cards and just-picked perennials placed in stained mason jars. Summer is meant for unforgettable parties beneath hanging lanterns and moonlight in a garden-fresh setting, inside and out.

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