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We’re totally on the moms-run-the-world bandwagon, but dads deserve their fair share of love, right? Whether we’ve been responsible for pushing our kiddos on their first two-wheeler or later picking them up from their first party, we’ve always believed that presence is truly more than just being there. So, this Father’s Day (June 18), show your pops some appreciation with a gift that’ll blow his bland white socks off (literally — keep reading).

Bespoke Post

There are two types of dads in this world: those who hate to shop and those who don’t (you’re lookin’ at us). Either way, the modern father definitely deserves some help seeking out fresh and interesting products. Bespoke Post, otherwise known as “The Box of Awesome,” is a subscription to thoughtful collections of goods from small-batch companies, delivered monthly. And, to boot, you’ll pretty much be off the hook from here — gifting him an epic box every 30 days and all.

Leather Backpack

This one is for the dad who’s either a fashionable day-tripper or sleek jet-setter. Leather backpacks are quickly taking over the cool vintage briefcase game, so get your dad a funky knapsack to maintain both his stylistic and organizational needs.

Porsche Experience

This one we can definitely attest to. The Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles allows anyone (at a price, of course) to take a wild spin in a turbo-charged, state-of-the-art vehicle, offering the absolute thrill of a lifetime. Next time you see us, ask what it’s like to drive a 911 S Porsche at 120 mph and you’ll see a smile like no other. Give your dad that same gift.

Luxury Socks

If your husband or dad is anything like us, he’s probably on his feet all day. So, show his feet some love with a quality pair of high-end threads to befit his killer treads (and, if he doesn’t have the latter, snag him a trendy pair of SeaVees).

Wi-Fi Enabled Coffee Machine

To many a men, coffee is considered a nectar of the Gods. Add some wi-fi into the mix and you’ve created a true product of the Heavens. The Spinn Coffee Maker is the world’s first bean-to-cup coffee maker that can make a single-serve espresso, lungo, americano, carafe and beyond. With an app, he has the power to brew whatever he pleases before even stepping out of bed.

Hip Glasses

We may lose 20/20 eyesight with age, but we shouldn’t have to lose our steeze, too. This Dad’s Day, choose from Warby Parker’s trendy collection of specs to frame your father’s face. Custom designed and made from the best materials, these quality glasses are a two-in-one deal: for every pair purchased, another is given to someone in need.

Vintage Backgammon Set

There’s nothing like sitting down with a smooth glass of whiskey or tequila and playing a long game of competitive backgammon. But, not all backgammon sets are made equal; give your husband or dad an epic vintage set that he’ll want to show off to his friends. And, not to mention, one you won’t mind as a coffee table centerpiece.

Portable BBQ Briefcase

It may be stereotypical that all dads like to grill, but we’re pretty sure that stands true when it comes to this portable BBQ briefcase. Whether he’s headed on a camping trip, to the beach or right outside your front door, he’ll definitely be stoked to throw some burgers on a versatile, convenient and mess-free suitcase. Don’t knock it till you try it.

Personalized Bottle of Casa Dragones

Had to include tequila somewhere in here. With a personalized bottle of Casa Dragones, you’re killing two birds with one stone: love and liquor. Order this one-of-a-kind gift with your father’s name or brief message beautifully scripted by an expert calligrapher on the label, and he almost won’t want to drink it. Almost.

Quality Time

Can’t link you to this one. At the end of the day, all a dad really wants is some good ol’ quality time with his significant other and/or kids. Experience Los Angeles, together. Be tourists in your own backyard. A memorable day often beats the momentary joy material items bring us.

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