Hosting a Great House Party: The Essentials

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There are good parties and then there are great parties. At the end of the day, it all boils down to the host and whether or not they put their elbow into it. Sure, decent hospitality means prepping ahead of time, hanging your guests’ coats, having all sorts of booze on deck—but, the SBP team doesn’t stand for “good” parties. This year, we’re going above and beyond what’s expected of us. Read up on our top tips below and be the host with the absolute most.

Valet Service

A great party experience happens before your guests open the door. That being said, let’s get rid of the stress and anger that happens from not being able to find a parking spot and hire a valet service. Not only will this blow your guests’ socks off, but your friends and fam will enter calm, cool, collected and ready to boogie.

Epic Hor D’oeuvres

Out with pigs in a blanket and in with killer charcuterie boards. Step two in keeping your guests happy is keeping them well-fed. Say adios to all the typical party hors d’oeuvres and up the ante on fresh, locally sourced, and beautifully made light bites. This leads us to our next point…

Creative Catering

Being the host with the most means giving all of your time to your guests. Which, of course, means you can’t be cooking away in the kitchen. So, get creative with catering. Throw a Mexican fiesta. Transport your guests to Italy for the night. Bring in a winemaker to do a tasting. This is the time to realize your greatest dinner party aspirations.

All Out Decor

In the same vein as raising the stakes for usual catering, now’s the time to go all out with decor. Depending on what direction you go in with food, stick to an overall vibe—whether that’s farmhouse-style, modern, or bohemian. Bring in lots of greenery, create some romantic mood lighting, and whip out your nicest china. Make this a dinner never to forget.

Live Music

Sure, you could inundate your home with some smooth jazz via Sonos, but is that really the best you can do? Depending on the size of your holiday fete, consider bringing in a band. Not only will this create a totally refined and lively ambiance, but it’ll likely get your guests dancing by the end of the night. Now that’s a sure sign of a sweet party.

End of Night Takeaways

When the party comes to an end, you have one last chance to make an epic, lasting impression. That’s where little takeaways come in. Stock up on goodies like local honey, homemade granola and soy candles, throw ’em in a rustic wooden box, cellophane bag or gift box and call it a night. An unforgettable one, at that.

And there you have it—the top essentials for hosting your most enviable house party yet.

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