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Step 1: Always omit the “I” from 405

Sure, the notion of being an Angeleno is easy. You just have to live in Los Angeles, right? Well, if you haven’t quite noticed yet, those who dwell amongst the City of Angels don’t take their titular claim lightly. To be a truly modern Angeleno, one has to be completely original, to know what’s hot before it’s even warm. Since we’ve explored all the ins and outs (and probably every In-N-Out, too) and experienced each cultural nuance that makes L.A. so incredibly vibrant, we’re claiming bona fide Angeleno status. So, if you’re looking to hop on this honorary bandwagon, sneak a peek into what all the cool kids are doing. We’re tootin’ our own horn, but so are all the L.A. drivers.

Meander the aisles of local markets

There’s no shortage of incredible food in Los Angeles. That’s pretty much a truth universally acknowledged. While both residents and tourists alike can explore the city’s best restaurants (all it takes is a simple google search and voilá — instant reservation), only those who call L.A. home know how to navigate the best hidden markets and cook up a locally-sourced meal in their very own kitchen.
Nearly each and every hood hosts their own farmers market, but sometimes you need a bit more than fresh kale and sprouted nut butter to beef up a meal. So, do as modern Angelenos do and head to Erewhon in Venice, Urban Radish in DTLA, Cookbook in Echo Park, the latest and greatest Eataly in Century City — the list goes on. Every modern shopper craves a pleasant, enjoyable grocery run, not a full afternoon spent in the Whole Foods parking lot.

Go on vacation without ever leaving

One of the greatest perks of living in Los Angeles is the balmy, sunny weather year-round. While outsiders may scoff when we take vacations (especially when they see us at the beach in Santa Monica on a scorching November day), every Angeleno knows that a quick getaway is crucial for a steady work/life balance. And, while many L.A. dwellers head to the desert or mountains for a weekend retreat, only true Angeleno aficionados know that a vacation exists just moments—seconds, even—away.
Los Angeles is host to countless hotels that make for the ultimate staycation. Maybe you and yours just need a night away from the kiddos, or perhaps you want a full weekend of spa treatments, poolside lounging and sunset cocktails. Either way, this city has all that you’re looking for. But, while you could choose any place to stay, the modern Angeleno won’t settle—especially if the spot is overcrowded with tourists.
Consider a killer staycation at Malibu’s new Surfrider Hotel, where a beautifully beachy ambiance accompanies a stellar rooftop deck and restaurant. Or, head a little further up PCH to Calamigos Ranch, a dreamy spot nestled into the mountains upon 200 oak-filled acres. If the beach isn’t your thing, check into Dream Hotel in Hollywood, where California chic meets modern sophistication with every amenity imaginable. Whatever weekend vibe you’re looking for, Los Angeles caters to every modern (wo)man’s staycation needs.

Go to a USC or Rams game with no traffic involved

If you live in L.A., you know that traffic is a total bummer. But, if you’re a modern Angeleno, you know there are other modes of transportation to avoid road rage. While we’d love to book it to the Coliseum each time the USC football team and the Rams hit the field, it’s not the most pleasant car ride away — yet, that’s where the Metro comes in.
The most savvy Angeleno will forgo the traffic and hop aboard the Metro Blue Line in Santa Monica or Culver City and hop off at the Expo Park/USC Station. This may sound like a foreign language since there’s no mention of “Wilshire” or “the 10,” but you should consider that a blessing.

But, let’s be honest, you know you’re a real Angeleno when…

  1. It rains and that’s all you can talk about the rest of the day.
  2. Your closet consists solely of shorts, t-shirts and flip flops.
  3. You blame everything you’ve ever missed on traffic—oh sorry, it’s your birthday? I was stuck on the 405.
  4. You can properly pronounce all street names and get a perfect score on this quiz.
  5. You can watch any movie and recognize all the locations.
  6. You’ve tried at least one absurd diet. Paleo? Been there, done with that.
  7. Your favorite restaurant is in a strip mall yet you consistently pay $200 for one meal.
  8. You decide you never want to leave.

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