How to Deck Out Your Outdoor Space According to Your Zodiac Sign

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At SBP, we treat outdoor spaces as domains to rest, play and entertain — so of course they should reflect our unique quirks and idiosyncrasies. With endless options available to deck out your backyard, a fun way to narrow it down is to match your tastes with the alignment of the stars (we do live in LA, after all). No matter if you’re a dedicated astrologer or just someone looking for a unified theme, we have a few suggestions for what the stars say about how you can arrange your outdoor space.

Aries: Make it Bold

Bold and lively, those born under Aries tend to be the leaders of the pack. To match your clear and direct personality, we recommend no-frills, modern furniture elevated on a clean wood deck or stone patio. To match your strong aura, statement seating and oversized furniture will be a knockout choice. And don’t forget to incorporate a fire pit, as you folks are true fire signs at heart.

Taurus: Rustic Outdoor Dining 

Resin wood, warm color palettes and farmhouse patio sets will please the grounded and comfort-relishing Taurus. Outdoor furniture that is just as functional as it is beautiful will speak to the Taurus’ practical and grounded nature. But just because Taurus is an earthy sign doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate maximalist and indulgent settings — surround those born under Taurus with beautiful and tactile cushions, and they’ll be happy.

Gemini: Divide the Space into Two

More of a wild card on the zodiac, Geminis need a space that honors their flexibility and vivacity. We’d recommend a pool-centric paradise for these playful air signs — craft comfortable corner space for them to lounge and socialize, and have the pool area as a space available for them to easily switch things up.

Cancer: Keep it Simple

Appeal to the sensitive energy of Cancers with a tranquil outdoor configuration. Less is more for this sign: a touch of greenery and an open place to rest is the ideal setting for Cancers. We love the idea of a floating bench with a raised bed garden to optimize a small yard without going overboard — and we’re sure the pure-hearted Cancers will love it too.

Leo: The California Modernist

Strong and dignified, this sign is represented by the Sun — the center around which everything orbits. For folks born under this sign, we love a configuration that is landscaped and furnished around a central tree. Bring your inner lion home with a touch of wilderness while still satiating that appetite for luxury — California Modern mixes chaparral details with sleek lines for just the right vibe. Bonus points for keeping the space low-profile, so that you can comfortably overlook your kingdom. 

Virgo: Organized Entertaining Spaces

The Virgo can be seen as exacting, perfectionist and disciplined. For these methodical and efficient people, every piece of furniture has its rightful place — matching sets placed in an orderly manner. And since they have an innate sense of duty to help and serve others, Virgos also play well as hosts, so their backyard spaces would do well with built-in cabanas or makeshift cantinas for entertaining. 

Libra: The Beauty of Symmetry

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and so it’s no surprise that they care to indulge in artistic, beautiful items — artisanal fabrics and designer furnishings are a must. These folks also appreciate balance and harmony, so consider complementary color palettes and symmetrical placements for your yard space.

Scorpio: Blooming Maximalism

Scorpios impress and captivate others with their striking and intense personalities — and their outdoor spaces reflect that energy. To match their fiery style, we’d opt for warm palettes, standout textiles and earthen ceramics. Simply put, make it snug, but make it pop.

Sagittarius: A Spark of Wonder

This sign is home to the natural storytellers and wanderers. You’ll want to craft a space that invokes a sense of wonder, yet is cozy enough to gather around. Opt for plentiful wraparound seating for trading travel stories and debating curiosities, and embellish with ambiance – string lights, hanging lanterns and candles – to capture that stroke of wonder that Sagittarians are always chasing.

Capricorn: Go Traditional

Appeal to the Capricorn’s sensibility and practicality with traditional outdoor designs — stick to grounded rattan and wicker pieces, as Capricorns appreciate no-nonsense spaces that stand the test of time. Easy to maintain, pleasing to the eye and friendly for families are the top considerations for a Capricorn’s backyard.

Aquarius: Beach Zen

Aquarians are the perfect mix of go-with-the-flow and rebellion, so we think a west coast-inspired zen treatment for your yard would appeal to both that marine affinity and desire to be different. Focus on the flow of your space with rounded lines and an energetic water feature. Whether you’re ready to fully landscape your backdoor oasis or simply curate patio furniture with gentle curves, this zen theme is one of our favorite ones yet. 

Pisces: Woodland Cottagecore

Spiritual, selfless and in tune with their emotions, those born under Pisces deserve a space that matches their easy-going personas. We imagine a Pisces immersed in a lush woodland garden — with raised beds and antique-feeling patio chairs. Pisces is also represented by a pair of fish, so this sign will also be right at home with a water element such as a pond or fountain. 
How are you dressing your outdoor space? Tag us with your visionary setup on Instagram @smithandberg so we can feature you!

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