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Los Angeles’ boundless variations of architectural styles are what make this unique place we call home so refreshingly epic. Inundated with diversity and eccentricity, the streets that meander the City of Angels showcase a cluster of designs and infrastructural particularities, ranging from American Craftsman bungalows to jet-setting Mid-Century Moderns.
Yet, while we admire this assortment of abodes, we don’t shy from hopping on the trend train (or instigating it, really). Brentwood, specifically, serves as host to some of our most treasured architecturals. Having seen the ins and outs of countless Brentwood homes, we’ve caught on to what’s hip and what’s not. We’d like to think we’re pretty trendy guys; so, if you’re picking up what we’re putting down, read on.

Cape Cod Traditionals

We agree that “West is Best,” but when it comes to architecture, we have to give the East Coast some serious props. If you’ve ever been to Cape Cod or Nantucket, you totally understand the enchanting charm of shingled sidings and gabled roofs. Admired for their minimalist aesthetic and display of neutral color schemes, it’s no wonder that Cape Cod Traditionals, reminiscent of summer cottages, have made their way from the beaches of the Atlantic to those along the Pacific. While many believe that young buyers are opting for uber modern architecturals, we’ve noticed a real draw to quintessential East Coast Traditionals, with an updated Los Angeles spin, throughout Brentwood. You better believe that white picket fences are making a killer comeback.

Funky Tiling

The tiling industry has completely hit the ground running (pun slightly intended). While the rise of modern design in Los Angeles has brought with it sleek and simple finishes, Brentwood is beginning to challenge the status quo with something far more memorable: intricate and fearless floor tiling. Although Cape Cod Traditionals are on the rise, home interiors emboldened by elaborate tile patterns are growing increasingly popular, creating the untraditional Traditional. If you want to up the cool factor of your home, inundate the floor plan with one-of-a-kind Moroccan patterns or integrate bold subway tiles into each bath. Check out 169 North Canyon View Drive’s crave-worthy powder room floors and you’ll understand exactly what we mean.

Liveable Laundry Rooms

Doing laundry doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. In fact, it can be something you look forward to if you read closely and take notes. The solution is simple, really: transform your laundry room into a living space. All the cool kids in Brentwood are doing it. When you spend most of your time ironing and folding clothes, the place in which you do so should make the task more enjoyable than it is apprehended. If possible, enlarge the floor plan, seize the aforementioned opportunity to revamp the room with creative floor tiling and paint the cabinets a soothing pastel hue. Due to Brentwood’s renowned neighborly feel, it’s becoming a highly sought-after locale for young families who (if we could make a wild guess) have little kiddos running around. So, the next time you’re scrubbing grass stains out of their pants, make it easier on you. If you feel at all selfish for a minor renovation, blame it on the trend.

B O L D and Bright

When it comes to tackling Brentwood trends, we’ll leave you with these wise words: go bold or go home. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better; but brighter is. If you need a bit of spice in your life, all you have to do is select a daring color or wallpaper to deck out your walls. We’ve seen clients transform blank canvases into true masterpieces, and the emotional renewal is just as great as the physical. Whether you choose to enliven up your guest bedroom with an adventurous design or paint your walls a rich navy hue, we’re certain you’ll experience a sudden jolt of excitement for what was once a blasé home. We’re so certain, in fact, that we’ve been featured in DIGS Magazine for this scientifically proven trend. That’s right — science. Time for everyone to look on the bright side.
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