LA’s Best Taco & Tequila Pairings with F. Ron Smith & David Berg

Tacos & Tequila


You should know by now that we’re pretty big on tacos and tequila in the Smith & Berg Partners family. After all, we are a real estate team with a digital magazine named after the epic pairing. ‘Cause who said you can’t have a little fun while crushing sales? Since our last story, we’ve been Guy Fieri-ing our way through Los Angeles to discover the best tacos and pairing them with our favorite tequilas. Press play to join Founding Partners F. Ron Smith and David Berg on their delicious journey and go loco. 

Restaurant: Blue Plate Taco 
Taco: Baja Fish Taco
Tequila: Clase Azul Blanco
Blue Plato Taco
Drink Hacker
Restaurant: Chulita 
Taco: Barbacoa Taco
Tequila: Dos Artes Reposado
Santa Monica Daily Press
Flask & Field
Restaurant: Tacos tu Madre 
Taco: Chipotle Tomatillo Chicken Taco
Tequila: Epifania
Larchmont Buzz
Rancho Liquor
Restaurant: Frida
Taco: Tacos de Camarón
Tequila: Casa Dragones Blanco
Restaurant: Trejo’s Cantina
Taco: Steak Asada
Tequila: Don Julio 1942
Quality Liquor Store
Restaurant: Loqui 
Taco: Pork on Flour Tortilla
Tequila: Tears of Llorona

What’s your go-to taco and tequila pairing? Be sure to tag us in your shots on Instagram @smithandberg so we can share your deliciousness with the world. 


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