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Raising the steaks for the best beef

Los Angeles is, without a doubt, one of the healthiest cities in the world. Kale here, avocado there. The options for vegan, paleo, ketogenic food are seemingly endless — we’ve even lost track of what these health trends mean. The macro diet? If it involves counting, count us out.
With that being said, it’s a good thing Los Angeles is also known for its delicious, drool-worthy meat. Whether you’re searching for the best cut of Wagyu beef or bacon cheeseburger, L.A. is servin’ it up on a silver platter. That’s not to say we don’t dabble with kale — we just like to get to the meat of the matter.


If Jonathan Gold claims that Gwen’s rack of wild venison is “one of the most profound things” he’s ever eaten, you best bet we’re pulling up a seat. Owned by famed chef Curtis Stone, Gwen is known for its primal elegance — a phrase so audibly pleasing that it has us salivating for the epic Flat Iron Wagyu. Indulging in a top-tier cut while surrounded by hanging meat enclosed in glass and whole animals roasting over a fire pit? May seem like overkill (sorry — too far), but this dining experience simply cannot be missed.

Father’s Office

This one may seem like a cliché, but the Father’s Office burger has garnered massive acclaim for good reason. A Santa Monica fixture since 1953, Father’s Office essentially invented the notion of a gourmet burger. But, even better, they haven’t changed their recipe whatsoever — and, they offer zero substitutions. Or ketchup. Just straight up bleu cheese, gruyere, bacon-onion compote and arugula atop dry age beef. Don’t fix what ain’t broke.


Located within The Beverly Wilshire, CUT is Wolfgang Puck’s epicly classic steakhouse serving up the primest and finest cuts of beef from around the world — hence the name. While the aged bone-in ribeye is an obvious reason to book a reservation, you’re also buying into the restaurant’s super sleek and sophisticated setting. This place ain’t cheap, but the quality of meat, impeccable service and contemporary ambiance are well worth the dough.

Petit Trois

Sure, France has completely mastered steak. With frites and all, their meat really can’t be beat. But, what about a French spin on an American classic? At Petit Trois, you better prepare yourself for an absolute flavor bomb of decadence. The Big Mec burger has been categorized as one of the best in all of Los Angeles: two beef patties, foie gras-infused red wine bordelaise sauce, pickles, melty American cheese and aioli, piled high on a brioche bun. One way ticket to flavor-town.


You’ve definitely heard of this one. If not, we’re afraid you’ve been living under a rock. Bestia is one of the most sought-after restaurants in the city, consistently dishing out chef-driven, multi-regional Italian fare. Of course, their pastas and pizzas are unrivaled. But, the DTLA joint is best known for their roasted bone marrow. Prepared with just a bit of balsamic and placed atop outrageous spinach gnocchetti, this dish will leave you with a bone to pick (literally) with all other marrows you’ve tried.


If you’re looking for the best burger in Los Angeles on a budget, look no further than Belcampo. With a $5.99 “fast” burger at their DTLA location and a more upscale patty in Santa Monica, Belcampo consistently sources 100% organic, grass-fed beef. The fast burger is simple yet packed with a punch, while the Belcampo patty is topped with their crazy house sauce, Grafton’s cheese, caramelized onions and butter lettuce on a brioche bun. For those on the move, go with the former. For an unrepentant indulgence, take a seat for the latter.

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