New Habits We’re Actually Keeping Post-Pandemic

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Let’s be real — the pandemic has changed us. And not in the way you would think. Being cooped up at home, away from friends and family, and without access to our favorite places, we’ve been resourceful, contemplated what’s really important and revamped our routines. So, we got the team to weigh in on their top new habits as a result of the pandemic and just how they’re going to keep the ball rolling into the future. What will define your new normal?

F. Ron Smith

I’ve made a habit of jumping on the Peloton for 20 minutes every morning. How will I keep this up post-pandemic? My new motto is to just keep riding — on and off the bike.

David Berg

I’ve learned the hard way to stock up on the essentials. No, I’m not hoarding toilet paper — but I will continue to buy extra nonperishables at the grocery store just in case round two happens. Hindsight is 20/20…or 2020, rather. Too soon?

Robert Morton

I’ve actually given up alcohol during the last few months and have lost 25 lbs so far. It’s been great, and I will definitely keep it going, but I’m also really looking forward to eating and drinking with my friends and partying like it’s 2019. It’s all about moderation!

Trevor Edmond

I’ve gotten myself in great shape as a result of the pandemic. I trail-run the Temescal Canyon loop about six days a week and have lost over 40 lbs in 8+ months! I also have a daily strength training routine that consists of push-ups, crunches and planks to complement the cardio. As we get back to a post-pandemic normal, I’m committed to making the time for myself to keep this routine and stay fit.

Nathan Stadler

I’ve been taking more time in the morning to eat breakfast — it forces me to slow down and start my way day off right. This is a habit I’m definitely taking far into my future.

Sewit Eshetu

My top two new habits are going for a bike ride with the family after school and learning new recipes to cook up for them for dinner. It’s been so great having more time with the kids since they don’t have organized sports at the moment.

Rick Torres

I’ve had to change up my workout routine due to the pandemic and shoulder surgery. I used to wake up at 6:15 and go swim at UCLA, then also hit the gym at the end of the day. I have had to seriously improvise, but it has been a nice break from the usual grind. I will walk with my daughter, meditate and exercise at home. I have also started reading again. I think post-pandemic, I will try to have more of a balance and not beat up my body as much.

Hannah Pilkington

Because of the pandemic, I’ve been Facetiming family and friends so much more. I’m such a social person, so it was tough to not physically see loved ones. That’s why I’ve done a TON of virtual check-ins and I definitely intend on keeping with it. I love staying so connected. 

Brandon Smith

I’ve actually begun to meditate for five minutes each night before bed. Post-pandemic, I’m going to keep things attainable and simple. Maybe I’ll bump up the time moving forward. But for now, consistency is key.

Katy Yambao

We’ve been doing neighborhood walks up in the hills which we never used to do. I love discovering more and more little streets near us and looking at all the unique properties. I’ve also picked up playing golf and tennis with my husband. This will last until Luke’s patience runs out, which I suspect will be very soon!

Courtney Welsh

The very first thing I do after I wake up is make my bed. I did this before the pandemic most days but it’s more important than ever…considering my bedroom is now my home office.

Krista Masella

Since working from home, I’ve had a little extra time in the mornings to get in some yoga. Pre-pandemic, I was only able to do it in the evenings which made it hard to focus. Plus, I am finding that having the time to sweat first thing in the morning is a great mood booster! Post-pandemic, I am going to try and adjust my schedule to get up an hour earlier to continue this tradition.

Parisa Nikzad

I’ve developed quite a few new habits. First, I’ve been cooking a lot at home. I’ve also been walking a lot outside and plan on continuing to do this by setting a time after work to stroll with my dog or get together with friends. Lastly, I’ve been reading quite a bit. A few friends and I have set a bi-weekly call to go over great books we’re reading which is such a nice way to stay connected.

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