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Los Angeles showcases an epic confluence of master chefs and some of the freshest fish in the world, making it one of the greatest sushi meccas outside of Japan. We would know, since we’ve tried out nearly every joint in the city. As such, we vetted the scene for the best of the best and devised a list of our favorite go-to spots throughout the city. We’re on top of this like white on rice.
To put our appetite into perspective, F. Ron has made the word “sushi” synonymous with — but not limited to — the following adjectives: awesome, good, cool, sleek, sophisticated (pretty much anything that’s as great as sushi itself). So, if you’re scouring the city for the next best nigiri, take a look at our carefully-considered menu. It’s so sushi.


Zooma Sushi is a zen-like retreat nestled into the hillside with an outstanding menu that features super-fresh sushi and a long list of unique specials. We suggest ordering the spicy tuna roll with some extra jalapeño and avo — twice as nice with double the spice.

We’re sure you saw this one coming. Nobu Malibu is an obvious pick, due to its absolutely insane food and matchless ocean views. While the Nobu classics are clear winners, try out the mini wagyu tacos. Tastebuds blown.


The Pearl Dragon is a local Palisades favorite, chic and candlelit with a delish and exotic menu. We recommend the crazy Surf & Turf roll: shrimp and asparagus tempura with avocado wrapped in seared, rare filet mignon and topped with garlic and chopped onion. Ask Chef Ryo to make a skorcher if you like it spicy. Seriously — don’t knock it until you try it.


Nagao is one of those unassuming strip mall hotspots that serves up sushi as smooth as butter. Ask for the Moonlight #3, which has tuna, halibut, crab, avocado and asparagus wrapped in cucumber. Trust us when we say you won’t miss the rice.

For a straight-up traditional meal, head to Takao— an entirely unpretentious gem that gives the big gun sushi spots a run for their money. Go simple and order the toro sashimi. No rice, no rills. Just uber rich and fatty fish that downright melts on your tongue.


Sushi Masu is filled with regulars at all times so you know it’s the real deal. Chef Masuko is one of the most engaging sushi dudes in the business, making you feel at home every time you stop by. While the sashimi and nigiri are totally tasty, don’t shy away from the hot dishes on the menu. Just roll with whatever Chef Masuko says is best.


Chef Nobi at Sasabune is renowned for his masterful knowledge of fish and ability to source the highest-quality ingredients available. With that said, trust the chef. Literally. At his West L.A. location, you have one dining option: traditional “omakase,” meaning “I’ll leave it up to you.” Now that is so sushi.


Ajisai is an old-school go-to in WeHo, offering a cozy ambiance and buttery sushi that goes down like a big, warm hug. If you find yourself in the area around noon, you have to go for their lunch special. Don’t forget to order the Korean chili flake oil on the side.

Sushi Park in West Hollywood is, without a doubt, one of the last few no-nonsense sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. There’s even a sign out front that reads, “No Trendy Sushi, No Salad, No Veggies, No California Roll, No Spicy Tuna Roll, No Teriyaki, No Tempura.” So, when you enter, you know what you’re in for: a mind-blowing omakase meal.


Yojisan isn’t the typical strip mall find. This is Beverly Hills, so you know the joint has some swanky flair. Just keep your eyes peeled for the massive SUSHI sign on Beverly Drive and you’ve struck gold. Try out their seasonal persimmon dish, blue crab salad and grilled brussel sprouts with — of course — some killer sushi to follow.


With the Kings returning to the rink pretty soon, you know you’ll want a pump-up pregame meal. Head to Katsuya at L.A. Live, which features signature sushi in an upscale Philippe Starck-designed space. For a funky fresh take on Japanese cuisine, go for the seared tuna with chili oil or yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño.

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