SBP Gets Caffeinated: Our Favorite Coffee Joints in LA

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For us, coffee isn’t just an early morning necessity. It’s an art that keeps us on a never-ending search for the best cup of joe in town. Today, Los Angeles is bursting at the seams with coffee joints that are serving up java that’s both traditionally delicious and unconventionally umami, and—like any art—it’s highly subjective. That’s why we’ve curated a list of our team members’ favorite coffee joints so you can tell us who’s the real winner in town. Now get out there and start sippin’ your way into jet fuel heaven.

F. Ron Smith

The Mandorla at Caffe Luxxe in Brentwood is my absolute go-to every morning. It’s an almond-infused delight that’ll elevate your typical coffee experience. Owners Gary and Mark are friends of mine who just hosted a whiskey & coffee tasting for our team last week which was next level. Who knew that there was such an epic relationship between the two? All I’m saying is, I won’t tell anyone if you spike your next cup.

David Berg

If I find myself in Westwood for work, you better believe I’m grabbing coffee at Espresso Profeta. And if I’m in Beverly Hills? Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co. Both spots dish out full-bodied brew that can’t compare to any other coffee in Los Angeles.
The Producer

Robert Morton

You heard it here first—Coffee Commissary in Santa Monica pours the best cup of coffee in Los Angeles. My daughters told me about it years ago, but you’d never know it’s there unless you keep your eye out. Plus, the design aesthetic is almost as good as the brew itself.
Coffee Commissary

Trevor Edmond

Alana’s Coffee Roasters in Mar Vista is top-notch. I might be a bit impartial due to the fact that it’s my cousin’s shop, but I promise you anyone else would say the same. They named the shop after their firstborn Alana. Nothing corporate or fancy here—it’s a true Mom and Pop shop (with a hipster twist) serving up a fabulous cup of joe.
Alana’s Coffee Roasters

Nathan Stadler

Zabies on Ocean Park is my favorite neighborhood spot in Santa Monica. Because if you’re like me, you pair a great cup of coffee with a breakfast burrito. This may be controversial, but I stand by it—Zabies has the best ‘rito in town.

Sewit Eshetu

I’m a regular at Alfred every morning, not just because it’s steps away from our office, but because their coffee is totally unrivaled. Their oat milk cappuccino is dream-worthy. I’m heading there as I type this!

Rick Torres

If you’re a cold brew fan like me, Groundwork on Rose in Venice has the best in the biz. Their nitro batch comes out so foamy and creamy, even though there’s nothing added. And a word from the wise—keep it that way. No sugar, no cream. Sip it as is.
Coast Along Festival

Brandon Smith

Verve Coffee Roasters and Dialog Cafe are my go-to’s in the city. First off, I think Verve has the best-sourced beans of any joint in Los Angeles (I always buy a bag to bring home). Second, Dialogue Cafe has the most insane breakfast burrito (better than Nate’s choice). Soft scrambled eggs with kielbasa, cheddar, hash browns and housemade spicy ketchup. Doesn’t get any better.
Daily Coffee News

Hannah Pilkington

Le Pain Quotidien! I love their long communal table, which makes it super easy to chat with friends both new and old. I always pair one of their delicious lattes with a French croissant—it makes you feel like you just teleported to Paris.

Krista Masella

When everyone is reaching for their cup of joe in the morning, I can’t get my mind off a fresh-squeezed green juice. I know I’m a lone wolf on this one, but there’s nothing better in my opinion! I pop over to Whole Foods Juice Bar when I’m on the go or Joe & the Juice when I have a moment to sip and chill.

Courtney Welsh

Don’t hate, but the Starbucks on San Vicente and Barrington is awesome. The manager Mark is so welcoming and knows my whole family by name, and Mama D greets my toddler with stickers and a hug every weekend!

Katy Yambao

Madison & Park in West Hollywood is a must-visit. The shop has a warm and cozy New York City vibe (hence the name) and they brew, in my opinion, the best coffee in Los Angeles. They even top each cup with dried rosebuds. Who doesn’t want that first thing in the morning?
Madison & Park Yelp

Do you have a fave coffee shop that we don’t know about? Sound off in the comment section below or DM us on Instagram, @smithandberg. We’ll be sure to post your pick on our stories this Saturday.

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