SBP Guide to the Oscars: Watch F. Ron, David & Morty Predict the Real Winners

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It's award season in Hollywood, culminating in this Sunday's top prize: The Oscar. To celebrate, we've assembled SBP's highly regarded award show aficionados — F. Ron Smith, David Berg, and Robert ‘Morty’ Morton — at our stunning listing in the Hollywood Hills to dissect the major categories and share their predictions. So pour yourself a glass of bubbly and join the festivities NOW

By the way...David and F. Ron's go-to oracle for all things entertainment is our very own award-winner, Morty. With decades of experience and accolades-galore, Morty served as Executive Producer of the legendary Late Show with David Letterman on NBC and CBS for fourteen years, earning two Emmys and eleven nominations. He worked as a consultant for David Letterman when he hosted the 1993 Academy Awards, involving work on Letterman's on-stage performance and the overall show set.

In this T&T episode, he even regaled us with the origin story of the "Morty Gold" — the specific gold hue he created for the iconic Oscar statues, which are 8-9-foot tall plastic statues painted gold. While working on the red carpet pre-show for the 81st Academy Awards in 2009, Morty requested the gold paint color for each Oscar statue to be made brighter. This required repainting hundreds of the larger-than-life Oscar statues the day before the show, with the scenic designer dubbing the new vibrant shade "Morty Gold."

P.S. Our very own Real Estate Ken (aka F. Ron) thinks Barbie will win ‘Best Picture.’ And who knows…he might be right. WATCH NOW and be sure to tune into the Oscars tomorrow, Sunday, March 10 at 4pm PST for Hollywood's biggest night!

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