SBP Landscaping Transformations That’ll Make You Green with Envy

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The Smith & Berg Partners team knows a thing or two about curb appeal; so when it comes to transforming a home from gritty to glitzy, we always work from the outside in. After all, epic landscaping can add as much as 10% to the value of your home, and you have to look at it everyday. So now you understand why we’re constantly seeking to up the ante on our garden game. Take a peek at our top landscaping transformations below and get your own green thumb on.

From Shrubby to Spotless

When SBP first approached 1466 San Remo Drive in Pacific Palisades, we nearly got lost in shrubbery. The exterior of the Santa Barbara style home had loads of potential, so we dove in with a less is more attitude. By wet sealing the stone, planting tons of low-maintenance succulents (two for one deal, folks) and bringing in quality artificial grass, the inherently beautiful home finally reached its full potential.

From Rugged to Remarkable

You should never mess with a killer view. That’s why we totally revamped the landscaping at 1035 Berkeley Street in Santa Monica, which was overgrown with foliage that seriously obstructed its far-reaching city and ocean vistas. By trimming the hedges and cleaning up the front terrace, we created the ultimate outdoor oasis that still maintained its verdant allure.

From Barren to Beautiful

Our listing at 475 20th Street in Santa Monica had an incredible backyard that was completely bone-dry, so we set out to green it up a bit. By replacing the dirt and dead grass with artificial turf and adding a clean, simple box wood hedge, we immediately increased the home’s wow-factor and upped its worth. Expansive outdoor living spaces are a rarity in Los Angeles, so no yard should go to waste.

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