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Father’s Day is just a day away, which has us thinking about all the important (and oftentimes silly) life lessons we’ve learned from dad throughout the years. From crucial morals and values to everyday motivational sayings to funny soundbites, our fathers have imparted on us countless words of wisdom and wit that have shaped who we’ve become, and are becoming. So in honor of tomorrow’s holiday, check out the top life lessons our dads have taught us from childhood to present day.
Wishing a very Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there — we wouldn’t be able to do it without you.

F. Ron Smith

My dad always said, “Whatever task you do, big or small, take ownership and pride in the outcome.” 

David Berg

As a kid, my dad consistently told me that the road to unintended consequences is paved with good intentions. Simply put, you never know what cards you’ll be dealt in life — so all you can do is keep your head up and be a good person.

Courtney Welsh

“Know your worth and own it.” My dad has been one of my biggest supporters and fans. He’s always built me up if ever my confidence was flailing — whether it was my athletic pursuits in high school and college, career prospects as a young woman, and even now as a burgeoning mother to my precocious daughter.

Trevor Edmond

My father taught me so many things, it’s hard to single out just one. What sticks out is a quality he exudes that I try to emulate as much as possible: PATIENCE. Observing his naturally patient disposition greatly influenced me as a child and as I grew into an adult.

Brandon Smith

“If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” That’s one of my dad’s favorite quotes and something I have grown to appreciate more over the years. I think it’s his take on Gretzky’s “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” but I like Ron’s better.

Parisa Schnider

The greatest lesson I learned from my dad: “Wake up early, work hard, health is wealth, and make sure those around you feel good.”

Bobby Neely

My father was not a man of many words. His generation dealt with more than I could ever imagine. He taught me that you don’t need to be the loudest one in the room. However, when called upon, make sure what comes out of your mouth will not be forgotten.

Garrett Sanders

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from my dad is “good people make a good time.” It doesn’t matter if we’re grilling by the pool or just sitting on the back porch, all you need in life is good people and the good times will follow — and my dad is always the life of the party!

Andres Vargas

“Don’t talk to anyone inside the airport. Go straight to the car.” No wiser words have ever been said.

Katy Yambao

My dad taught me that nothing is more important than family, and in life, there is no substitute for hard work.

Krista Masella

My dad taught me that life revolves around food and a great way to show someone you love them is to prepare them a meal. Many of my memories of my dad are in the kitchen or around the table, and he was always the chef for every family party. I remember how proud I would feel seeing how much people loved his food and appreciated the work he put into making it special for everyone. That always inspired me to show people who I love that I care about them and to work hard at everything I do because it truly makes an impact. 

Sewit Eshetu

My father consistently taught me the importance of honesty and integrity. You can’t get by in life without both.

Oliver Maniquis

My dad taught me to make large life goals so no matter the problem ahead, you’re always seeing the goal behind it. Today, my big, never-ending goal is to provide an amazing life for my family. I’m also thankful that my son was blessed with the height to tower over people. It makes it easier for me to find him when I am overwhelmed by a crowd…literally.  

Ryan Bergum

My parents drafted a Bergum Family Mission Statement shortly after I was born. One message that resonated with me was this: “We will not fear the unknown. We will not worry about what we cannot control. We will live outside of our comfort zones.”

What are your top lessons learned from dad? Let us know by tagging @smithandberg on Instagram so we can repost this Father’s Day!

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