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Tacos, tequila and...real estate? Why, yes! As the #1 real estate team on Los Angeles’ Westside, Smith & Berg Partners consistently explores emerging real estate opportunities for our clients — which is especially fun if tacos and tequilas are involved. In this week’s edition of our Tacos & Tequila blog, we explore Tequila Tourism.

As interest in craft spirits and authentic cultural experiences grows, Mexico’s tequila-producing regions have seen a massive increase in visitors. In fact, the global tequila market is projected to surge to $6.36 billion by the end of 2025. And guess what holds the key to this incredible economic boom? Real estate. 

With the rapid rise in tequila tourism, these properties will become more valuable than ever — and we want you to have your shot at it (pun intended). Here’s why: 

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The Numbers

Move over, wine tasting — tequila is coming for your job. According to the Mexican ministry of culture, visitors to the Ruta de Tequila (aka the tequila trail, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as of 2006) increased nearly 300% from 2005 to 2010. La Ruta de Tequila connects registered distilleries in the ‘Pueblos Magicos,’ Spanish for magical towns, consisting of Tequila, Arenal, and Amatitan near Guadalajara, all located within the state of Jalisco. In fact, tourist officials estimate that tequila-related tourism is contributing over $200 million to Jalisco’s economy. 

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The Experience

Jalisco is teeming with award-winning distilleries. And while there might be 150 of them, we’ve gone ahead and curated a list of the top five you should keep on your real estate radar:

José Cuervo La Rojeña 
Casa Sauza

Tequila Herradura
El Tequileño
Tequila Fortaleza 

While beach getaways will always remain relevant in our book, there’s been a significant uptick in travelers seeking immersive experiences — and the tequila region provides just that. Take the José Cuervo Express, for example. Starting in Guadalajara, this old-style train ride spans 11 hours and includes everything from a visit to the agave fields to a tour of José Cuervos La Rojeña distillery, lunch in Tequila, a Mexican show and so much more.

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As more tourists flock to immerse themselves in Mexico’s iconic spirit, it spells opportunity:

• Real estate catering to hospitality and tourism will benefit: hotels, restaurants, shops
Airbnb properties and short-term rentals near distilleries are poised to thrive
With expanded facilities, commercial spaces will be needed for supplies, retail, etc.
Growing craft brands require small industrial spaces for boutique distillation

The growing legions of tequila fans are ready to indulge in agave adventures. From sipping flights in tasting rooms to staying at historic haciendas, tequila tourism provides a unique and culturally rich experience. Savvy investors should keep these emerging destinations on their radar for all they have to offer. The potential for visionary real estate plays looks promising. 

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