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When you pair Smith & Berg with Venice, what do you get? Despite what you’re probably thinking, the answer is not a herd of ripped bodybuilders on Muscle Beach. In fact, the greatest goldmine for us lies right on [drumroll] Abbot Kinney. Don’t believe us? Venice’s bohemian yet bougie boulevard has proven, time and time again, to be the city’s one-stop destination for everything a modern man both wants and needs.
We understand Abbot Kinney is a lot to digest so we’ve gone ahead and done the dirty work for you. It involved lots of outrageous food, cocktails, and impulsive purchases, but it’s a hard job that someone’s gotta do. Stick to our masculine map and take to the streets like a boss.



Felix is probably the best Italian joint that’s made its way into L.A.’s rankings. Order the tagliatelle with ragu bolognese and bistecca alla Fiorentina to dismantle Abbot Kinney’s perceived image as exclusively hipster-healthy-vegan-paleo-etc.


Getting into Gjelina is no easy task. So if you’re hitting up Venice on a whim, pop into GTA (Gjelina Take Away) for an epic sammie or slice on the go. The chorizo pizza with tomato confit is a total mic drop of a pie.


Another three-letter restaurant? It’s no coincidence. Owned by Gjelina’s Travis Lett, MTN serves up Japanese fare with a killer California twist. The pork bone ramen will send your tastebuds on a culinary excursion.

The Tasting Kitchen

An unwavering favorite, The Tasting Kitchen is a trendy Mediterranean-meets-Italian restaurant in a sweet indoor/outdoor setting. Fuel up with their outrageous chicken and waffles so you don’t drop while you shop.


Garrett Leight

If you’re in the market for a new pair of glasses, look no further than Garrett Leight. The coveted optical biz crafts the highest quality spectacles with an easygoing west coast vibe.
Racked LA

Buck Mason

A Venice-based company, Buck Mason should be your go-to shop for updated, modern American classics for daily wear. Simple yet refined jeans, shirts, shoes, and accessories galore.


Shinola is a Detroit-based shop that offers a high-end selection of watches and bicycles, plus a line of upscale leather goods and curated gift items—a total man cave of a store.
MR Mag


Defined as both classic and modern, respectful and rebellious, Stag offers incredibly stylish clothing staples and vintage accessories for a contemporary, polished man.



Order a cup of brew from Intelligentsia as a prelude to your forthcoming cocktails. It’s without a doubt Abbot Kinney’s trendiest coffee joint, but their joe is wildly popular for a reason (with an architecturally stunning storefront to match).

The Otheroom

A buzzing modern hangout, The Otheroom offers a serious selection of draft beers and wine (no booze) in a minimalist, airy setting.

The Brig

No Abbot Kinney experience is complete without a cocktail from The Brig. The iconic Venice cornerstone is bustling at night with live music, billiards, food trucks, and an eclectic mid-century ambiance.

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