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Residing in Los Angeles has made the Smith & Berg Partners team no stranger to healthy living. It seems as though wellness breakthroughs occur by the minute, amounting to a fast-paced, ever-evolving and oftentimes difficult conversation to stay a part of. But on the SBP team, we’ve broken through the bull (charcoal based lattes and the keto diet—no thanks) to present our tried-and-true wellness hacks. Below, get a glimpse of what each SBP team member does on the daily to live their healthiest, wealthiest life.


F. Ron Smith

My wellness hacks are simple. Eight hours of sleep per night and thirty minutes of cardio five times a week. I throw my Adidas Ultra Boost-X sneakers on and I’m ready to rumble. I always opt for the stairs instead of the elevator, too. Oh, and did I mention red wine?


David Berg

Wash your hands, people. Cleanliness is underrated. In that same vein, don’t show up to work sick—be mindful of your co-workers. I also swear by this Wellness Formula and (albeit gross) wellness shots from Whole Foods.


Robert Morton

Always carry hand sanitizerAlways. Planes, public places, wherever. You’ll thank me.


Trevor Edmond

When time allows, I love hiking Temescal Canyon loop to both clear my mind and get my blood pumping—it’s the ultimate twofer. Beyond that, drinking tons of water is key. And if I need to mix it up, I’ll throw some good vinyasa yoga in there.


Nathan Stadler

Nothing’s better for the mind, body and soul than a few morning stretches before getting the day going.


Sewit Eshetu

I put yoga on my calendar twice a week, make a point to just breathe, hike on the weekends, cook dinners at home, set aside some time to connect with family and friends and—last but not least—I try to go screen free for two hours in the evening.


Rick Torres

My secret wellness hack is a colostrum, elderberry and ginger shot with cayenne. Don’t knock it till you try it.


Brandon Smith

Blue Gatorade. If you know, you know.


Yvette Lopez

I’m big on herbs and natural remedies for preventative measures. Chamomile tea, echinacea, and the good ol’ honey and lemon concoction is a lifesaver. I also believe that meditation, sleep and exercise are crucial. 


Courtney Welsh

My biggest hack is getting no less than 7 hours of sleep each night, walking everywhere and laughing often. Having a certainly toddler helps!


Hannah Pilkington

I keep up my wellness regimen by meditating, making light of situations (even when things don’t go as planned) and devouring gummy vitamins. Let’s just say it’s a healthy addiction?

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