Smith & Berg Partners’ Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Pacific Palisades

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Selling your home can be a stressful process, whether you’ve made multiple moves or it’s your first time. For an easy time selling your Pacific Palisades real estate, here’s Smith & Berg Partners’ ultimate guide to selling your home.

Be sure you’re ready to sell

There are plenty of factors that go into knowing whether or not you’re ready to sell, and it’s important you review them all before beginning the process. First, consider the financial realities of selling. Even if it isn’t an obstacle for you, take the time to understand aspects like your home equity and the expenses of selling.

Also, think about why you're moving, and alternate solutions to meeting those needs. Sometimes a renovation of your current home can be just as effective as seeking out a new one. And be sure that you’re emotionally ready to sell your home. It’s natural to grow connected to a certain space, and if you’re not ready to let go, it can make the selling process complicated.

Pick the right time

Out of all the home selling tips, one you don’t want to gloss over is picking the right time to sell. One of the things to pay attention to is the local housing market, which a real estate agent can help you navigate through. Usually, buyers are looking for a home in the spring and summer, as they don't have to worry about interfering with school schedules. It also can be difficult to buy in the winter due to the logistics of showing and moving through snow and rain.

Also, think about personal factors when considering selling your home. For example, if you need to relocate for a job, chances are you can’t wait for a sellers’ market or seasonality to sell your Pacific Palisades real estate. Or there may be other factors in your life that require you to hold off the process longer than expected. Ultimately, the best time to sell is when you’re ready to dedicate yourself to the process.

Work with a real estate agent

Working with a real estate agent has serious perks when you’re selling your home. They’ll be well connected and can provide references to resources that you’ll likely need. They can help you understand confusing paperwork and will provide you with contacts like professional stagers and photographers, repairmen, and others. They’ll also actively search for potential buyers, schedule home showings, help you competitively price your home, and negotiate the best offer on your behalf.

Don’t be afraid to search for several possible candidates to work with, whether that be through review sites, agent-matching platforms, or word of mouth through friends and family. Ask the agents you’re considering questions about their experience, and weigh whether or not their communication style works with your own. Choosing an agent that aligns best with your goals and personality can make a world of difference further down the road when selling your Pacific Palisades real estate.

Stage your home

Once you’ve decided who to work with, it’s time to stage your home for photos and showings. First, prepare your home by deep cleaning and decluttering all of the rooms in the house. Not taking the time to clean or hire professional cleaners can leave home buyers with a bad impression of the home and may indicate that the home has been neglected in other areas. Clean by sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming and removing stains from the carpet, and dusting all surfaces of the house. To declutter, donate, throw away, or sell items you no longer need or want.

One part of your home you don’t want to forget to stage is the home’s exterior. This is the first part of the house a buyer sees, and increasing curb appeal can sway them in the right direction. Make sure the front yard landscaping has been attended to, that the driveways and walkways are clear of debris, and that the front entryway is clean and inviting. If staging a whole house seems daunting, focus your energy on high-impact areas like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.

Make repairs and upgrades

When you do sell your home, a buyer is likely going to ask for a home inspection. Be prepared by getting a pre-sale inspection, and if any problems arise, then weigh which repairs to make. Also, take the time to make minor repairs, like fixing a sticky cabinet or a leaky faucet or touching up the paint job where it’s been scuffed. Following these home selling tips will help you sell your home in no time.

Although making upgrades to your home isn’t always necessary, they can definitely add value to the property. It’s important to be smart about the upgrades you make, as you don’t want to overinvest in a renovation that won’t repay itself. Focus on upgrading areas like the bathroom and kitchen to impress buyers.

Market and show your home

When your house is staged and repaired, you can market your home. Hire a professional photographer to take well-lit and edited photos of your home, and list your home on MLS with your realtor. Use social media platforms to help spread the word, and work with your real estate agent to get your listing out to other agents working with buyers.

When showing your home, it’s important to be flexible about when showings occur. A buyer isn’t going to consider a home without visiting it in person, and turning down showings can have detrimental effects on the offers you receive. Instead, work with your real estate agent to create a plan and line up your schedules to avoid confusion.

Ready to sell your Pacific Palisades real estate?

With this ultimate guide to selling your home, you’re more than ready to list your home. For help selling your Pacific Palisades home, contact one of the experienced agents at Smith & Berg Partners to guide you through the process.

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