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If you’re like us, your office is a second home. Treat it like your first

If you ever feel the Monday blues, struggle to hang in there on hump day or race home on a Friday night after work, we have just what the doctor prescribed: a totally revamped office. Whether working at home or commuting, all you need is a little office spice in your life to feel rejuvenated and ready (and a cup or two of coffee).
Not only do we spend a great deal of time in our own office, but we’ve gained some epic inspiration from those within our current and past listings. Whether you go for subtle or sleek, it’s time to overhaul your digs with our 7 step makeover. Let’s redefine the monotonous “just another day at the office” phrase.

1. Map it out

There is not one person who can walk into a tornado of an office and feel both positive and motivated throughout the day. If you can, we’d like to know your secret. But, for the majority, we’ll offer some sage advice: every little thing deserves a purpose. From where you place your desk to how you stack your papers, instill some order in the chaos. Arrange your furniture in a way that exudes comfort and composition. If you’re like us, your office is a second home. Treat it like your first.

2. Pick a vibe

There are countless routes you can take here, so we aren’t going to sway you one way or another. Whichever vibe you go for, whatever color palette you choose, stick with it. Try to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout. If you’re going for a more neutral work environment, choose some bright white cabinetry and bamboo or rustic wooden finishes. Or, take the “go bold or go home” route. Emulate our office space at 169 North Canyon View Drive and paint the town blue. Adorn the space with some killer contemporary furniture and you’ll embark upon each day feeling fearless.

3. Lighten up

If you’ve taken a good look at our listings, it’s pretty obvious that we’re a big fan of natural light. It’s no lie that vitamin D is a total game changer when it comes to one’s mood and productivity level, but it also makes for a more uplifting and inviting work environment. It’s as simple as moving your desk next to the room’s largest window, or — even better — installing some floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors (we’ve got a guy). There’s nothing better than a little fresh air and California sunshine to get you in the groove.

4. Simplify

Toss those old trinkets you’ve been hoarding and simplify your desk and shelves. Decorative minimalism is all the rage these days, but it’s also super valuable when it comes to professional productivity. When you’re surrounded by less, you have the ability to think more. Toss that jar of useless pens and purchase a handcrafted Allegory ballpoint made of red oak and salvaged teak. You won’t need to sign a document with anything else; and you’ll look pretty cool while doing so. It’s a simplified win-win.

5. Bring in some epic artwork

Artwork is written into the rulebook of interior design; if you’re looking to stylize your office space, look no further than your walls. Based on the vibe you selected in the second step, deck out your office accordingly with some paintings, photographs or posters to match. We’ve gone the unconventional route and decorated our space with renowned photographer Jeff Vespa’s portrait of — wait for it — a giant In-N-Out Burger. Yup, you read that correctly. We arrive and leave hungry every single day, which undoubtedly translates into our work ethic. So, perhaps consider some tasty decor for an appetizing workplace.

6. Bring it to life — with plants you can’t kill (unless you really try)

When your workspace becomes inundated with technology, it’s important to bring some life back into your environment. So, do yourself a favor by purchasing some trendy and low-maintenance succulents. Scatter small planters throughout the room or choose a select few to place on your desk; not only will you feel happier (it’s a scientific fact, actually) but the ambiance will emanate a whole lot of positive liveliness — in both senses of the word.

7. Take a stand

We’ve heard L.A. millennials say that sitting is the new smoking. We won’t go that far, but we can admit that standing is a tad healthier than sitting all day. We’ve all suffered from aching backs while slouched in a chair for hours on end, so perhaps standing desks are the new…avocado toast? We can’t keep up with all the trends, but standing desks are certainly taking offices by storm. No need to sacrifice your style goals, though. The sleek and sustainably-built Terra NextDesk isn’t only better for your health, but also a likely improvement from past office furniture.

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