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Alas, out with pastels and in with rich velvets. As the seasons ebb and flow, so too do interior decor trends. And while we were all for the Pantone summer palette of ultraviolet and cherry tomato (definitely not together, though) we’re pretty stoked on the fall line-up of quetzal green and red pear. So, whether you’re bringing in autumnal hues via high gloss walls, kitchen banquettes, or breaking from the palette to contrast metals and rusticize (not a word…until now) your bathroom, check out the season’s most anticipated home decor trends below.


Velvet has gained some serious momentum this past year and we definitely don’t see this trend fading in the fall. Both modish and practical (considering your little ones will love it and the dog can’t tear it up), velvet adds a bit of spunk into an otherwise basic room. Whether you want to ball out with an olive sectional or spruce up the living room with a few velvet pillows, this season proves to be the perfect time to do so.
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Mixed Metals

So long are the days of sticking with just silver or gold. This fall, we’re seeing a huge trend toward mixing metals to create a more sophisticated, cultivated, and eclectic space. From pairing modern silver details with vintage brass, or even integrating copper with gold, this mixed metal trend has us swooning over some epic homes in LA (shout out to Vestone). Maybe you’re revamping your kitchen, or perhaps you want to refine your boring old bathroom—well, now’s the time to metallicize it up.
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Kitchen Banquettes

We’re all about combining form and function, which is why we’re totally on board with the kitchen banquette trend this fall. From cozy breakfast nooks to reimagined window seating, banquettes are taking this season by storm (probably because we could all use a little less clutter in our lives). Maximize your kitchen space with a corner dining area donned with neutrals and an inrush of natural light or go bold with a bright banquette for a more contemporary vibe. Either way, this easy trend adds some funk into whatever space you’re looking to funk-ify (add it to the Smith & Berg dictionary).
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High-Gloss Paint

Later matte paint, say hello to your new high gloss rival. Both daring and sexy, the subtle sheen of lacquer is a small way to make a big statement. So, if you’re looking to enhance your home office or mundane staircase, say no more. Darken the floors, paint the kitchen cabinets, and repaint that chipping antique table of yours. High gloss paint (which, we might add, would be killer in Pantone’s quetzal green) is the best way to add some stunningly subtle elegance into a space.
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Stone Sinks

Some people dig ultra-modern sinks with high-tech faucets and sleek stainless steel finishes. But, in our opinion, rustic kitchen and bath details make a world of a difference when it comes to adding some soul into a space. On the rise for fall decor trends, stone sinks pair beautifully with beachy decor or even super contemporary details. Either way, you’re bringing in an earthy, organic touch that’s crucial in determining the vibe of the room.
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