The Do’s & Don’ts of Living Your Best Life in 2018

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With January in full swing, it’s about that time we start realizing which resolutions will ring true throughout the year—and, of course, which ones won’t. Dry January? Let’s get real. So, instead of trying to adhere to lofty goals, stick to some tried-and-tested do’s and don’ts. Seriously—if anyone’s going to dish out killer life advice, and if you’re willing to take it from anyone, it’s F. Ron Smith.
In recent public speaking engagements, F. Ron has shared crucial insights into life, work and the balance between. From rising early to setting aside some pampering me time, he knows how to live his absolute best life—and you can, too, with the ultimate list of do’s and don’ts.

DO lead your life | DON’T live it

There’s a major difference between leading and living your life, all of which lies in one vital decision to assert yourself or passively submit. You can either move forward, both personally and professionally, with the utmost ambition, or you can merely move with the current, slowly but surely toward your goals.

This is the transformative decision to lead or live. According to Ron, you must take charge; this is your year to make an impact, to become the best version of yourself. But, most importantly, strive to be present. Be early. Be prepared. Listen. And actively participate with your true authentic self.

DO it in the morning | DON’T in the evening

This one is as literal as it gets. Do in the morning, whether that means catching up on emails or exercising before heading to work, and don’t in the evening. Avoid saving your most challenging tasks for the end of the day; you likely won’t have the energy or determination to give it your all. It’s no secret that self-awareness is key to success, and if there’s one thing Ron knows about himself, it’s that he’s on top of his game in the morning.

A self-proclaimed early-riser, he awakes about 5 a.m., gets to the gym, hits Cafe Luxxe in Brentwood for a double shot, and strides into work on Wilshire, where he starts the day making calls. Inevitably, work will pile up come evening, but Ron takes these on later with total confidence knowing he’s already made strides toward the bigger, more fruitful goals.

DO set goals | DON’T make them unattainable

We said it before and we’ll say it again: don’t set yourself up for disaster. Experiencing failure just days into the new year is no way to set yourself up for success. So, say see ya later to no sugar January and the goal to lose 20 pounds in 20 days. The best thing you can do for yourself in 2018 is to be realistic. Set goals, but make them attainable.

Maybe you’ve been trying to read more—make it your goal to turn off all electronics before hitting the hay and dive into a good read. Then, perhaps you can make a new goal to finish one each month. In essence, be sure your resolutions aren’t set in stone—you’ll be surprised that once you stop pressuring yourself, you’ll actually accomplish more than you expected. Ron acknowledges that vacation time needs to be consciously worked into your goals as well. Write down where you want to go, and hold yourself accountable.

DO make time for yourself | DON’T burn bridges

This one requires real balance. This is the year to focus on yourself; but, it’s also the year of selflessness, to love and support those around us. Seems like a major contradiction, right? Think again. If you can’t put in the work to become a better you—whether that means getting a massage every so often or going on solo hikes to maintain happiness and sanity—then you’ll find you can’t truly offer your best to others. Once you feel content and confident, you can then be on your A game for everyone else. So, make 2018 the year of both selfishness and selflessness. Do you, but don’t brush aside the people you admire.

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