The Future is Still Unwritten: 10 Predictions for 2024

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It's January 2024 and the SBP team is gazing into our crystal ball to make predictions for this year. We’re no psychics, but we do have pretty good intuition. From sports to interest rates to pop culture, we've rounded up 10 solid projections across various categories so you can stay in the know this year.


The 2024 awards season is here, and while the final nominees for Hollywood's premier prize, The Oscar, are still TBD, early odds point towards Cillian Murphy, Best Actor and Lily Gladstone, Best Actress (thank you, Golden Globes). But there can always be a few wildcards, like Greta Gerwig taking home the prize for Best Director for Barbie, Paul Giamatti, Best Actor for The Holdovers (watch it tonight on AppleTV or Prime!) and Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Male Role going to Ryan Gosling (Barbie, FTW).

F. Ron’s Prediction: The Simpson’s make a live action comedy.

Image Source: Hollywood Reporter


The 2024 Summer Olympics kick off in Paris and France could finish as high as fifth thanks to home-court advantage. In the pool, Leon Marchand will swim after history and become the biggest star of the Olympics. New sports like skateboarding, surfing and sport climbing provide unpredictable intrigue, with Jagger Eaton, Caroline Marks and Matteo Zurloni in each respective category as early favorites. We anticipate a thrilling competition filled with exceptional feats that capture the world’s attention.

F. Ron’s Prediction: Cornhole finds its place as an event at The Olympics.

Image Source: Swim Swam


In 2024, we foresee movie theaters continuing their strong comeback thanks to enticing blockbuster sequels. On the music front, a long-awaited album from Rihanna seems imminent. Streaming services will also be caught in an arms race for premium original content as competition grows fiercer. And do we hear wedding bells for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce? Only time will tell…

Image Source: I-D


This year, we can expect to see a whole slew of changes on the interior design front. Say goodbye to high-gloss walls and hello to textured plaster. And the color we'll see everywhere? You heard it here first: Brown. Biophilic lighting will also be major, mimicking natural light patterns and colors to promote relaxation and well-being (cue this Rick Rubin x Huberman Lab podcast). 

F. Ron’s Prediction: Living walls in the family room underneath skylights.

Image Source: Vogue


The Federal Reserve's ongoing battle with inflation suggests homeowners will face higher mortgage rates in early 2024, but rates will drop significantly by end of year. Auto loans should also stabilize while home equity loans become more attainable. Associate Partner Sewit Eshetu gives her own prediction: “The coming Fed interest rate cuts will release pent-up demand from buyers for bespoke, sophisticated interior and exterior designs.”

F. Ron’s Prediction: We will see 4.25% this year.

Image Source: Housing Wire


Dry January, anyone? This year, we can expect the mocktail movement to spur more creativity behind the bar. Exclusive dining clubs will become all the rage thanks to sought-after celebrity chefs. Plant-based will become plant-forward as foodies opt for ‘real’ veggies rather than faux meat. And artisanal local ingredients will remain haute (duh).

F. Ron’s Prediction: Real meat will become all the rage. The double double!
David’s Prediction: Tacos are always trending for me.

Image Source: Better Homes & Gardens


2024 will witness crypto's infiltration into music royalties and concert ticketing while the first cryptocurrency-based credit card goes mainstream. Buzz around NFT authentication will also grow across luxury goods, event tickets, IDs and degrees. Bitcoin? Still a major player, and we can expect Stacks to double in value.


Remote work persists thanks to productive hybrid arrangements balancing office and home. Video call fatigue will give rise to more open and honest meetings about what changes that can be made to improve company culture. Providing mental health support will become non-negotiable. And AI will drive innovation and efficiency across complex business dealings.

David’s Prediction: Open communication, collaboration, and a dedicated team is all I know.


Athleisure will continue its rapid evolution into the realm of eveningwear in 2024. Vintage and thrift store hunting will absolutely thrive. More brands will embrace AR technology for virtual clothing try-ons. Consumers will demand radical transparency around supply chains. And when it comes to trends, elevated basics will reign supreme.

F. Ron’s Prediction: Loud and proud pattern shirts will replace plaid.
David’s Prediction: Ron will continue to buy the same clothes as me.


Breakthroughs in quantum computing have Technologists salivating over 2024's potential. Elon Musk will pioneer advanced battery technology as Tesla faces mounting competition. Debates will emerge around laws regulating AI voice replication. And implanted microchips will become the next tech battleground.

Image Source: Mint

What are your top predictions for 2024? Send us an email at [email protected] or tag us on Instagram @smithandberg so we can chat about all things new and novel. 

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