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Take the Plunge and Purge

Whether you’re a neat freak or borderline hoarder, you can’t deny that Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix is amongst the most aesthetically pleasing shows on television. In a series of inspiring makeovers, Marie helps clients clear out the clutter and choose joy—which is why we’ve decided to come up with our own regimen and help you, our beloved friends and clients. Follow our steps below and start instilling some method into your madness. All the cool kids are doing it.

Give it Up

Step 1: PURGE. If it doesn’t bring you happiness, get rid of it. The forgotten clothes hidden in your closet, the old credit card statements in your office drawers, the books you’ll undoubtedly never touch again, the lotions and potions you haven’t used in a decade. You totally forgot they were there, right? Time to throw them out and make space for, well, space. Plus, this step is a win-win—you can donate all of your unwanted items to praiseworthy local charities. So if it hurts to toss those old jeans, at least it’ll make someone else feel better.
Real Simple

Raid the Container Store

This next step is a catch-22: you don’t need more stuff, yet you need more stuff to keep you organized? That’s where the Container Store comes in. Whether you’re looking to tidy up your closet, bathroom drawers, pantry or—quite honestly—any corner of your messy home, the Container Store has everything you need to unclutter your life. Stock up on glass Tupperware containers, over-the-door shoe organizers, drawers compartments and more so you can be your most efficient, structured self.

Get Your Junk Hauled

If you really want to get after it and purge the house of junk both big and small, look into a helpful hauling service. Maybe your kids have grown up, leaving behind big (and often unsightly) toys, or maybe you’ve left that futon in the basement for too long in hopes that you’d one day use it again. But no, you don’t, and we’re truly proud of you for that. From JunkJunk to Go Junk Free , Junk King and 1-800-Got-Junk, there are plenty of services to help you make your home a bit less trashy—both literally and figuratively.

Hire a Professional

We could all use a Marie Kondo in our lives, right? Unfortunately, she’s in incredibly high demand these days; fortunately, however, she’s curated a list of consultants to give you the helping hand you deserve. Or you can bring in one of our SBP faves, from Life in Jeneral to The Home Edit and Bright Living, who we put to use as often as we can. Because, let’s be real—we all need assistance with our busy schedules. So if tidying up seems too difficult a task to accomplish solo, don’t be afraid to seek help.

Make it a Marathon—Not a Sprint

While tidying up, try to remind yourself that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You needn’t accomplish everything in one day. Space it out. Begin in the kitchen, then slowly make your way into the bedrooms, the basement, the garage and beyond. Above all, the main objective of uncluttering your home is to find joy. Celebrate the little things that make you happy—the framed photos of your family, small mementos from your travels, clothes that spark remarkable memories. All the other stuff? That’s just excess. Surround yourself with items that make you smile.

So, if you find yourself staring at echoing halls and empty walls, change the focus of your shopping to finding those truly BOLD pieces that make you wide-eyed. Making room for what inspires you is really what the SBP method is all about.

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