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This year hasn’t been a crowd favorite, but it has, without a doubt, shifted our perspectives in an overwhelmingly positive way. We’ve realized what’s important, what’s not, what we want in life, what no longer serves us. So, despite the ups and downs of 2020, we got the SBP team to weigh in on what they’re feeling extra thankful for this year. And to our friends, family and beloved real estate community — we wouldn’t be here without your support through it all. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

F. Ron Smith

This year I am more thankful than ever.
Family | bring on more conversations, more BBQs, neighborhood walks, friendly heated debates and organic wines, especially the orange ones. COVID restrictions have brought us closer. 
Friends | embrace the trips taken, look forward to the ones to come; enjoy Zoom cooking classes, morning gatherings at the beach, dinners outside six feet apart. 
Office family | celebrate the week with happy hour online; in-person, one-on-one toasts, masked and distanced; Zoom connecting; any opportunity to “be together,” even if that means via screens. 
Personal | my grill, Tracy, the Peloton in our new, sweet home gym, Audible and podcasts at night, the office; any and every daily connection.
With gratitude for good health and feeling loved.

David Berg

I am grateful for my family, my health and the fact that I’m able to do what I love. This year, I will remember the great Thanksgivings that I’ve had in my life and be thankful for them. This one will be great too. Maybe we should be a little more thankful for what we do have, rather than complaining about what we don’t have. Big love.

Nathan Stadler

When I think about all the good things in my life — dear friends, a thriving career, a loving family — I’m most grateful for my wife. Because without her, none of it would be possible.

Courtney Welsh

I’m especially grateful for my relationships with my husband and daughter. After spending so much one-on-one time with them over the past eight months, we’ve become an incredibly bonded family unit.

Trevor Edmond

I’m going to have to reflect on Courtney’s response. I’m super grateful for all the time I’ve been able to spend with my wife and kids during this “unprecedented time.”  We are all so much closer than we were when this all started and it’s these silver linings that have made 2020 so memorable.

Robert “Morty” Morton

I’m thankful for good health, a great family, fantastic friends and wonderful co-workers. I’m also hopeful for the country to recover.

Sewit Eshetu

I’m thankful for the unexpected joy of spending time with my family and bike rides at sunset with them. And most of all, I’m grateful that my family and friends have all managed to stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

Rick Torres

I am thankful for the time spent with my children and appreciating each moment with them. I feel like pre-pandemic, everyone was so busy with their individual lives that they didn’t stop to appreciate the little things.  I have learned to slow down and appreciate these moments together!

Hannah Pilkington

Despite this being such a wild and unprecedented year, I always try and look on the bright side. I am grateful that, as a society, we’ve been able to focus on the small aspects of life that we often took for granted and overlooked — cooking at home, reaching out to loved ones, playing games , exercising (despite being confined in a small space!) and never again taking for granted the beauty of the sun against your face.

Brandon Smith

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of my amazing grandmother, who I will forever admire. I am grateful for the wisdom she has passed down to me and also that I have multiple people in my life who are willing to show me the way.

Krista Masella

Although it’s been one of the most insane years of my lifetime, I feel that I have more to be grateful for this year than any other. This year, I am grateful for the little things — the peaceful look on my dog’s face as he snuggles in his bed soundly next to the desk in my home office, more beach days then I recall having in the past few years combined, the feel of the pavement as I roller skate down the sidewalk, the fresh smell of the mountain air. Because, although I haven’t done many of the things I normally would have without social distancing, I have experienced an abundance of new things (mostly outdoors) that I am immensely grateful for. So thank you 2020 — thank you to all the people that I still found ways to stay connected to virtually, and thank you to myself for my willingness to keep it moving, despite it all.

Katy Yambao

I’m grateful for my family and their health. This year especially has shown me how important they are to me. If you have your family and good health, you can get through anything. And Facetime. I’m incredibly grateful for FaceTime (since most of my family lives across the country).

Parisa Nikzad

I’m incredibly grateful for my fiance, our families and friends, and our dog Snow. Not being able to be together as freely and effortlessly has made me appreciate every moment spent together.

Ryan Bergum

I am grateful for my family and friends, more so than ever. These unprecedented times have not only brought us together but have allowed us to learn new things about one another. I’m glad we can eat, drink and celebrate together. Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you feeling extra grateful for this year? We’d love to know. Tag us in your holiday posts on Instagram at @smithandberg so we can repost to spread the love.

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