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Here at the Smith & Berg Partners flagship office on San Vicente, our collective gratitude for life is bursting at the seams. So far in 2022, we’ve had the heartfelt pleasure of finding forever homes for countless LA families, amounting to $465M so far in 2022. We filmed eight epic videos and interviews for Tacos & Tequila, resulting in a LOT of laughter. We were named the #1 Large-Sized Team on the Westside by RealTrends, as featured in The Wall Street Journal. Most importantly, we've volunteered countless hours and donated financial resources to several charitable organizations, including The Jewish Federation, Children's Burn Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Through it all, we've had the support of our family, friends, colleagues and clients. 

We've rounded up what SBP is most grateful for this year – all below.

Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! 


F. Ron Smith

My gratitude this year is built on memorable experiences and life lessons. This will be the first Thanksgiving without my father-in-law, Dr. Norman Namerow. He passed away earlier this year. He taught me, that you can never order too many appetizers for the table. He supported my decision to order the 36-ounce porterhouse as an appetizer for the family. He encouraged me to always bring extra wine just in case. He showed me the importance of putting my personal relationships as my first priority. He always listened first and asked questions second. Norm, you will be missed, thought of often and never forgotten.


David Berg

This year, I'm feeling particularly grateful for my friends, and especially the friends I get to work with each day at SBP. I'm also beyond grateful for my family and getting to spend time with my three boys. Seeing them enjoy life inspires me to take a step back, enjoy the simple things and make the most of every opportunity.


Garrett Sanders

I'm most grateful for my family, including the family I’ve been given and the family I’ve chosen. This year, we welcomed a new addition to my family and I'm grateful for the opportunity to get back home to meet my new nephew! I'm also lucky to have so many great friends who have become my west coast family. With all of my family living on the east coast, it's great to have a support system so close by.


Trevor Edmond

I’m thankful for each day. Each breath, each step, each hug and kiss from my family. I’m thankful for life’s challenges because they force me to up my game. Everything and everyone in my life is just such a blessing.  


Krista Masella

My cup runneth over in the gratefulness department! It has been a year of big changes for me, contributing to immense personal growth. I am especially grateful for my wonderful partner, Matt and my little Chihuahua, Mickey. They have both been by my side, adding a sense of support and joy amidst a whirlwind year.  


Ed Hutchinson

In 2022, I feel most thankful for the health, love and joy of my young family, and the trust and support of my new colleagues at SBP.


Katy Yambao

This year, I am so grateful to have my whole family living in Southern California (finally!) and my new little niece who has brought us all so much joy. Life can be quite chaotic and stressful, but it’s such a blessing to have my family so close to keep me grounded.


Sewit Eshetu

I’m always thankful for the time we get to spend every night at the dinner table with our two boys, for the funny stories, the laughing and the non-stop witty banter. 


Courtney Welsh

This year I am especially grateful for my family of four! My son, Lennox, born in September, has completed our family and it’s been amazing to watch my daughter Odette grow into her role as big sister. I’m also incredibly grateful to Ron, David and the rockstar admin team at SBP for holding down the fort while I’m on leave.  


Natalie Gurevitch

This year, I am grateful for new opportunities and outlook on what my future has in store; the best family a girl could ever dream of; an incredibly supportive, loving, patient and motivating partner; and, most importantly, the first grand-baby and newest member to the family, my little prince of a nephew, Lucas. 


Andres Vargas

I’m grateful for all the lessons and knowledge that’s been shared with me by my SBP family. Ron, David and the team have been a strong support system, helping me navigate my first years in the industry. Their time, patience and efforts have been instrumental in my growth and success. Thank you to my SBP family!


Ryan Bergum

I’m grateful for all the amazing people in my life. My friends, my family, my colleagues. Life wouldn’t be the same without all these incredible relationships. 


Nathan Stadler

This year I’m thankful for the arrival of my third happy and healthy child, and a wife who makes it all possible. I’m also thankful for good friends and colleagues who make going to work a joy.


Parisa Schnider

Our time is one of the most precious gifts. I’m very grateful to spend it with my family, friends, colleagues and clients who I deeply respect and love being around. I’m also forever grateful to live in a country where we are free to express ourselves and have the opportunity to take care of our health. 



What are you feeling extra grateful for this year? We’d love to know. Tag us in your holiday posts on Instagram at @smithandberg so we can repost to spread the love.

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