These Food & Drink Pairings Go Together Like Smith & Berg

Tacos & Tequila


Believe it or not, home selling is exceedingly similar to food and drink pairing: only the right duo, whether that be Smith & Berg or tacos & tequila, can get the job done. Thus, it’s only fair that we dedicate an entire post to our pairing namesake. Choosing a beverage to complement a dish is the precise method that buyers should earnestly replicate upon entering the Los Angeles real estate realm. And with that conviction, you’ll likely come upon the exact pairing to find the perfect home: Smith & Berg.
We go together like…

Tacos & Tequila

You guessed it. Smith & Berg has become synonymous with tacos and tequila. There’s simply nothing better than a classic margarita paired with a killer taco; salt and tang mixed with the acidity of lime, creaminess of guac, freshness of cilantro, spice of chicken, pork or beef. Together, tacos and tequilas are a total flavor bomb. If you’re feelin’ spunky, play around with the classic margarita and reach for some japapeño for an added kick.

Cheese & Negroni

Scootch over typical wine-and-cheese-before-dinner, because negroni and charcuterie is the new appetizer of the summer. If you don’t believe us, just check the stats. Often considered an apertif, a negroni cocktail is equal parts of gin, Campari and vermouth rosso, finished off with a fresh orange peel. Whatever cheese you choose, be sure to wash it down with a killer negroni and you’ll wow your guests with a new summer party favorite.

Sushi & Sake

You probably could have guessed this one, too. You may opt for sake because that’s what all the cool kids are doing; but, do you don’t know why this pairing is so ideal? Sake is made from fermented rice, so it’s only natural that it tastes so smooth and right with buttery nigiri or sashimi. If you go the nigiri route, choose a dry Junmai to complement the rice and fish. For sashimi, select a crisp Ginjo to balance out the saltiness of soy sauce.

Chocolate & Mezcal

When you think of chocolate, your next thought is probably champagne or a bold glass of red wine. But, if you’re looking to challenge the status quo (and your taste buds) introduce some mezcal into your after dinner treat. Food and drink pairings are often meant to accentuate inherent flavors, but this culturally-linked Mexican combo brings out what’s hidden — the bitterness of dark chocolate creates an explosion of smoky and fruity flavors when mixed with mezcal. There’s simply no better way to end your night than with cocoa in one hand, and a cocktail in another.

Steak & Red Wine

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a glass (or two, or three…) of red wine goes perfectly with a nice cut of steak. Interestingly, the tannins in red wine soften the protein of the meat to create that tasty fat-melting experience you’re probably yearning for. But, not all wine buffs know exactly which vino to pair with their steak. A rich filet mignon goes hand in hand with a bold Cabernet Sauvignon while a lighter flank works well with Syrah or Merlot. So, next time you cook up this dynamic duo, just remember: if you combine wine and dinner, the new word is winner.

Tapas & Gin

Pile up a platter with some chorizo, morcilla, salami, cured olives, marcona almonds, crostini and everything in between, and you’ll be sure to want something subtle yet refreshing to balance out the swarm of savor. Gin acts as an epic concomitant to an explosion of tastes. Dry, yet with a hint of juniper berry flavor, this spirit washes down the the salty and sweet with ease and delight. If you’re feelin’ fancy, add a sprig of rosemary or tarragon to liven up a classic G&T.

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