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The sun is shining, the beaches are bustling, the city is flourishing and, yes, you guessed it — the Q2 Market Report is finally here. We’re excited to share that Smith & Berg Partners has achieved $328,866,787 in total sales volume year to date (closed & pending), which is up a whopping $156,002,926 from the start of Q2 2022 alone. Listen, we could share plenty more milestones (like how we sold 62 homes in Q2), but that’s what our in-depth Market Report is for. 
As always, we’re here to update you on the current real estate landscape in Los Angeles, answer any questions you might have, and maybe even generate some new ones. We know what you’re thinking…that sounds boring! FAR FROM IT. Our Q2 Market Report is brimming with epic features like a whole spread dedicated to our interview series, plus a compilation of our favorite coffee shops, restaurants and bars from Brentwood to Beverly Hills.

All you have to do is download our Market Report for Q2 2022 and dive in. And, as per usual, our team is readily available to discuss your real estate inquiries and interests. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and let’s chat.

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