Windows Down, Volume Up: SBP’s Ultimate Summer Playlist

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Nothing quite says summer like opening the sunroof, rolling down the windows and blasting your favorite tunes while blanketed by a soft coastal breeze. Sure, we can essentially do this any day of the year here in Los Angeles, but there’s a certain warmth in the air — a pep in our steps, a golden glow on our faces — during the dog days that makes summertime jams all the more sentimental. That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate Spotify playlist for you to enjoy these next few weeks, in addition to all of our favorite things about the season, so sit back, relax and savor the sounds of summer.

F. Ron Smith 
Top Song: Love is the Drug by Roxy Music
Favorite Thing About Summer: Nectarines and BBQ. 

David Berg
Top Song: This Charming Man by The Smiths
Favorite Thing About Summer: I love to BBQ, which I do year-round but during summer nights there’s a certain nostalgia that isn’t always there.

Robert Morton
Top Song: Take it Easy by The Eagles
Favorite Thing About Summer: My special opportunity to spend more time indoors.

Trevor Edmond
Top Song: Doin’ Time by Sublime
Favorite Thing About Summer: I get to spend lots of time with my kids because they’re out of school.

Nathan Stadler
Top Song: Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix) by Glass Animals
Favorite Thing About Summer: Longer days, perfect for evening swims or late afternoon golf.

Sewit Eshetu
Top Song: Rain On Me by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande 
Favorite Thing About Summer: Spontaneous road trips! My most recent destination was Zion National Park. 

Rick Torres
Top Song: Hurting by Kygo & Rhys Lewis
Favorite Thing About Summer: Longer days and less clothing!

Hannah Pilkington
Top Song: Cheeseburger in Paradise by Jimmy Buffet
Favorite Thing About Summer: Being able to go on runs at 7 pm and watch the sunset.

Brandon Smith
Top Song: Time (You and I) by Khruangbin
Favorite Thing About Summer: Running on the beach.

Courtney Welsh
Top Song: Super Duper by Quiver (feat. Lonas)
Favorite Thing About Summer: My favorite produce is in season. Strawberries still warm from the farmer’s market, thick-sliced heirloom tomatoes with a pinch of salt, yellow corn on the cob, boiled and served plain.

Krista Masella
Top Song: Jungle by Tash Sultana
Favorite Thing About Summer: Live music outdoors, preferably near a body of water. 

Katy Yambao
Top Song: Montego Bay by Bobby Bloom
Favorite Thing About Summer: Hot beach days and cold drinks.

What’s on your summer playlist? Let us know at [email protected] — we’d love to keep growing the soundtrack.

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