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The SBP team has a lot to be grateful for. But the one thing in life that we all collectively cherish? Our moms. We’ve learned everything we’ve needed to know from our mothers—to be kind, hardworking, to love and appreciate the little moments. The list goes on…and on. So, with Mother’s Day just days away, we decided to roundup the most valuable lessons we’ve learned from the moms (and wives) on the SBP team. Here’s to all the superwomen in our lives making the world’s toughest job look so damn easy.

Simply put: LISTEN.

F. Ron Smith’s mother taught him the very important art of listening—turn off all distractions, focus, ask questions, listen to the answer, don’t interrupt and respond thoughtfully. Open your ears and be there for someone who needs you.
F. Ron’s wife, Tracy, pictured with their sons

Be thoughtful and inclusive of everyone—no matter their walk of life.

David Berg’s mother taught him the value of inclusivity, advising him to treat everyone with the same respect. And, beyond that, she constantly preached that balance, hard work, creativity and play are all important to one’s growth. So, above all, be considerate—both of yourself and others.
David pictured left with mom | David’s wife pictured right with their kids

Be patient.

Robert Morton learned plenty of things from his mom. But perhaps the most significant lesson? Patience. Which just so happens to be the key to his parenting success.
Morty pictured with his mom

Give everyone the benefit of the doubt—you never know what kind of day someone has had.

Hannah Pilkington’s mom raised her to always give others the benefit of the doubt. We all have bad days. Don’t make someone’s day worse or let that negative energy infiltrate your own life. You’ll never regret being kind.
Hannah pictured right with mom

Love, acknowledge, accept and encourage your kids for who they are.

We’re all meant to pursue different paths in life, and Sewit Eshetu has taken this golden piece of maternal advice to heart. So when it comes to her little ones, she’s encouraging them to be themselves—and no one else.
Sewit pictured left with mom | Sewit pictured right with kids

Family is everything so be generous with your time and love. Silver lining: it will come back to you twofold.

At the end of the day, family is all we have. The material things? Those are secondary. Courtney Welsh has transposed this wonderful advice into her own role as a mother, and the result? Absolutely priceless.
Courtney pictured left with mom | Courtney pictured right with daughter

Anything and everything is possible. 

Yvette Lopez has never let this piece of motherly advice slip between the cracks. We have one life, so do anything and everything you can to nourish your soul.
Yvette pictured left with mom | Yvette pictured right with kids

Treat everyone with kindness and respect. 

While seemingly simple, this lesson is layered with depth and importance. Rick Torres was taught that true kindness lies in the act of giving without the expectation of getting something in return.
Rick pictured with mom

Life’s short. Work hard, play hard and give life everything you’ve got to give.

You know clichés are cliché for a reason, right? Trevor Edmond got this crucial kernel of advice from his mother who always reminded him to grasp the moment because, well, tomorrow isn’t always guaranteed.
Trevor pictured with his mom, wife & kids

Never make excuses or shirk responsibility.

We all have superhuman powers that lie deep within us—especially Nathan Stadler’s wife. According to Nathan, “My wife has taught me the ability to dig deep. She is a full-time working mother and never makes any excuses or shirks responsibility. She’s wonderful.”
Nathan’s wife pictured with their daughter

Always write it down. Your memory is fleeting!

Brandon Smith’s mom, Tracy, has a sage piece of advice for all of us—write it down. You don’t want to forget the little details of your family Euro trip, do you? Or that time you fell in public? Okay, that one you can black out. Otherwise, hold tight to your memories.

And if it weren’t for our mothers, SBP wouldn’t exist. Thank you moms!

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